Attendance, Absences, Registration and Term Time Holiday

Attendance Policy

At East Farleigh, we use an electronic registration system. This method is directly linked to your child’s education record and will enable us, (and the local authority), to view attendance data and determine levels of authorised and unauthorised absence for your child.  We expect a minimum of 96% attendance from all pupils (preferably higher).

When collecting and returning your children to and from school during the course of the school day, please ensure you sign in or out at the office. If you are changing your collection arrangements, please ensure both your children and the office know who is collecting them.

We ask you to ensure that all absences are accompanied with a letter or email explaining the reason for absence.  We always appreciate a phone call, but we must receive notification in writing.

If considered to be without good cause, absences will be recorded as unauthorised. Wherever possible we ask you to avoid taking holiday during the school term. Absence will not be authorised for years Y1, Y2 or Y6 during periods of statutory assessment.

Please note that all requests for permission for a pupil holiday are considered individually on their own merits but in keeping with our Attendance Policy