The Friends of East Farleigh School

The object of the Friends is “to advance the education of the pupils in the school” and to “provide and assist in the provision of such facilities or items of education at the school”. Thus we act as a focus for the wider community to support the school and to provide resources not within the statutory budget.

We have a full working committee which consists of

Chair Kelly Lyon 

Vice-Chair Sarah Speller

Secretary Pat Broad

Treasurers Naomi Evans, Katie Sephton, Elaine Fuller

The Friends have assisted in raising £10,000 which was to rebuild the school library. Recently funds were raised to upgrade the playground through improving its appearance and making it a more inviting and pleasant place for the children to play, as well as updating some play equipment.

We also have a Facebook page which can be used to access information relating to future fund raising initiatives as well as obtaining information on day to day events at the school.