School Houses






At East Farleigh we have five in-school houses that have been named after some famous Kent castles (please click on the images above to find out more). Children are randomly allocated to a house on entry to the school, they then have the opportunity to earn themselves "House Points" by demonstrating positive behaviour and exercising outstanding effort.

House Points may be given by any adult, for:

  • Work
  • Manners
  • Behaviour
  • Enthusiasm
  • Meeting a target

Points can also be given for achievements relating to the Olympic values:

  • Personal Excellence
  • Respect & Friendship
  • Inspiration
  • Determination & Courage
  • Equality

Class teachers indicate these House Points in exercise books and the children collect a sticker and have it signed off in their book. Each classroom has a chart to show House Points with a section for each child to display their weekly tally.