Vision and Values

Engage. Excite. Empower.

Our Purpose

At East Farleigh, we believe that education provides a route to spiritual, moral, social, physical and mental development, leading to a well-balanced and rounded individual. Our vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment which nurtures the child. A place where students will recognise and achieve their fullest potential, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically to enable them to make their best contribution to society. We believe education also provides a route to equality of opportunity for all, a healthy and just democracy, a productive economy and sustainable development. We encourage values that contribute to these ends, namely valuing ourselves, our families and other relationships, the community to which we belong, the environment in which we live and the diversity in our society.

Our curriculum is centered around developing the whole child: from their head, to their heart, to their hand.

Vision and Values

"Engaging, exciting and empowering lifelong learners through a mastery approach."

Our Vision

  • We will deliver a creative curriculum which instils the value of knowledge and skills, inspiring a love of learning.
  • We will ensure leaders drive continuous improvement through effective decision-making based on current research and best practice.
  • We will maximise opportunities to work with local, National and global partners to equip our children to be confident and courageous citizens
  • We will provide a safe, inclusive environment that fosters openness and independence, celebrating diversity and promoting equality.
  • We will optimise opportunities for all students to exceed expectations and reach their full potential, preparing them for their next stage of learning
  • We will expect all members of our school community to respect each other and their environment, consistently upholding the highest standards of behaviour and self-discipline.

All staff at East Farleigh Primary School are committed to providing our children with the educational tools which will enable them to be productive citizens. We have high expectations of our children and ourselves. We aim to attract the best staff. We believe that all children deserve a quality education, with staff who encourage, challenge and guide each child to become engaged in learning, providing for differences in learning abilities and learning styles.

We value the partnership which exists between school, parents and community and the part it plays in realising this vision. We recognise that involving parents and carers in their children’s learning is one of the most significant contributors to raising attainment. We provide a safe, welcoming and compassionate environment where children, parents and staff are respected to the best of our ability.

Our Values


History of the school

A school was first established in East Farleigh in Lower Road about 1845. This dame school was superseded in 1870 by a new school built by the Church. A second storey was added in 1885. In 1936, a wooden building was erected on the present site but a fire destroyed this on Coronation Night in 1953. The school log books were destroyed in the blaze. The school moved back to the Victorian school near the church, until the current building opened in 1956, the concrete phoenix on the wall symbolising rebirth.

In 2003 the school undertook extensive building work. Three new purpose-built infant classrooms and an ICT suite were added to the building. This has enabled the school to develop additional teaching areas, a library and refurbish all other classrooms and facilities.

The present building has seven classrooms, an ICT Suite, a spacious hall and its own kitchen. All classrooms are equipped with interactive teaching boards and computers. The school is set in very pleasant surroundings next to a large playing field used by the school for various sports as well as for relaxation during the warmer weather.

We Celebrate British Values

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