Summer Term 2

Week 3 - International Week

We've had a fantastic week learning all about Italy. We've been studying Italian buildings, making and eating pizzas, eating ice-cream, listening to Italian music, learning some Italian and more.

Week 2

We had a very exciting afternoon on Thursday. Some children discovered a fully grown frog in our outdoor area. Mrs Sunnucks kindly helped to rescue the frog and we had a good look at it in our tank. We then set the frog free in the school pond. It was a lovely conclusion to our learning in the Spring Term.

As we got closer to the pond the frog started jumping all over the tank...

He then leapt into the pond!

Spot the frog!

Summer Term 2 - Week 1

We can't quite believe we are in our final term of Reception! This term our topic is 'Under the Sea'. We began this week with our new book 'The Storm Whale'. We have been writing some amazing stories and have particularly enjoyed building boats and testing them to see if they float or sink.

Summer Term 1

We have been learning about minibeasts! We have also been learning about money, capacity and length in our maths lessons.

Take a look at some of our wonderful work this term...

Many bug hunts in the school garden...

Using information books to find out about bugs...

Using a range of media and materials to create minibeast artwork...

Counting out money to buy items in a shop...

Following a recipe for fruit cocktails whilst learning about capacity...

We have also been reading the story 'Do Not Enter The Monster Zoo!' We enjoyed writing about the characters and we then drew and painted the red monster.

Spring Term 2 - The Journey

Week beginning 1st April - The Journey of an egg!

We carefully collected eggs from our school chickens. We boiled the eggs, peeled them and mashed them up. We used them, and the cress we have been growing, to make sandwiches. Our sandwiches were delicious!

Collecting the eggs...

Taking the shells off...

Buttering the bread and adding egg and cress...

Enjoying our sandwiches!

Week beginning 18th March and 25th March - The Journey of a Seed

Our beans, tadpoles and sunflower seeds are growing and changing. We love observing them!

Planting the sunflower seeds we collected in the Autumn Term.

Observing how our beans are changing and growing.

Interestingly, our beans are growing at different rates.

Counting how many leaves there are on our plants.

Week beginning 11th March - The Journey of a tadpole/ newt

We've had another busy week in Reception Class. In Maths we have been learning to double with help from the Number Blocks and in English we have been reading Jasper's beanstalk, planting beans and retelling the story. We also had an exciting afternoon in the garden on Friday, discovering newts in the school pond whilst observing frogspawn.

Week beginning 25th February and 4th March - Journey by Aaron Becker

This term we have started reading the book Journey by Aaron Becker. We have loved predicting what will happen next at each stage of the book and have been retelling the story. In Maths we have been learning to add and subtract by counting on and back.

We have also been learning about signs of Spring. We enjoyed an afternoon in the garden, specifically looking in the school pond. We discovered lots of frogspawn and have collected some to observe in our classroom. We are looking forward to observing the journey of a frog and will release the frogs back into the school pond at the end of term.

Spring Term 1 - Dragons!

Week beginning 4th February and 11th February

We have had a fantastic couple of weeks wrapping up our topic of dragons. During child initiated time some of us created a huge dragon outside and Mrs Dyer was so impressed with our creativity. We've been interested in building castles with shapes, sugar cubes, lego and blocks, too. In addition, some of us have been bringing in some amazing models of dragons that we've been making at home.

We were excited to get some new furniture in our classroom this week. Mr Rogers was very kind and let us help him build the furniture. It was a great opportunity for us to develop our fine and gross motor skills, and it was a great problem solving activity!

Week beginning 28th January

Look at our super writing about Toothless!

Week beginning 21.1.19

We have had a wonderful week learning more about Komodo Dragons. We have created mini dragon habitats and have worked hard on some fabulous writing about Zog. Some children chose to make dragons using paper shapes.

On Friday we had a fantastic dinosaur experience day. We enjoyed learning about different types of dinosaur and how fossils are made.

We have loved exploring and learning about fossils. Trixie the Triceratops was also a big hit.

Thank you to William from History4Homes.

Week beginning 7th and 14th January

Some strange footprints appeared in the outdoor area on our first day back! We were very excited and had lots of ideas of what could have left the prints. Some of our ideas included a bear (because it has claws), a dragon or a pterodactyl. We have also started reading Julia Donaldson's book 'Zog' and we've been inspired to write about Zog, draw him, paint him and pretend to be him!

Mysterious prints outside!

We have been keeping alert in case there's a dragon or a dinosaur in our outdoor area.

We have been learning about some real life dragons such as Komodo Dragons and Bearded Dragons. Here we are sorting photos of animals into 'dragons' and 'non-dragons'.

How many dragon eggs can you find outside?

We drew Zog and then used watercolours to paint him.

We've really enjoyed exploring a different type of paint.

We showed amazing concentration and Mrs Dyer was very proud of us!

Autumn Term 2


We have had an incredibly busy few weeks! Here is just a snapshot of the things we have been up to...

Making boats and testing them in Forest School.

Can you make your boat float?

Making snowmen with Diane, one of our school governors.

Learning how to subtract in maths...

Using a range of media to create pictures of animals in cold habitats, for example polar bears.

Some of our fabulous Winter work on display...

Autumn Term 2

Week beginning 26th November

This week we have continued following our interest in penguins. We have watched lots of videos about penguins and have carefully observed what they look like, eat, how they move and the environment they live in. Lots of us have been really interested in drawing penguins and so we did some artwork together. We followed step-by-step instructions to draw a penguin.

We have enjoyed lots of practical learning experiences to support our penguin topic.

Can you set the penguins free? They have been trapped in ice!

Exploring ice and how to make it melt.

We enjoyed watching a short clip of a penguin 'huddle.' The children loved re-enacting a huddle of their own. Some children took on the role of a baby penguin, and were huddled in the middle, and others were adult penguins, taking it in turns to be on the outside of a huddle.

Forest School

In Forest School this week we have been creating birds using clay. We focused on their beaks, considering how we could represent their beaks using two parts. We then added details to our birds, for example eyes, wings or tail feathers.

Outdoor Learning

A finished sunflower provided us with lots of discussion and intrigue. We used tweezers to pick out the sunflower seeds, developing fine motor skills.

The children enjoyed talking about what would happen if they planted the seeds and also counting the seeds. We hope to plant these and watch them grow.

Our outdoor area has been covered in leaves this week! We have worked hard to keep the outdoor area clear using brooms, spades and wheelbarrows to collect the leaves. This has provided us with lots of discussion around types of leaves and the changing seasons. It has also been great for developing gross motor skills.

Autumn Term 2

Week beginning 19th November

We had an exciting start to the week. A mysterious parcel arrived in Reception Class on Monday. We made lots of predictions about what we thought was in the box.

On Tuesday we received a letter from an explorer called William. He told us that he had sent us a penguin egg to care for until he could return it to Antarctica. We have been researching penguins and finding out about them.

On Friday we discovered that the egg had hatched and inside the box was a very fluffy baby penguin. We were all very excited! The children have been learning about how to care for the penguin and about the kind of environment that a penguin needs.

There has been some lovely outdoor maths this week...

On Friday morning a group of children designed car models and then created them using crates, tyres, sticks and bricks.

The children have also been tending to the plants in our garden. Some of the flowers needed 'dead-heading' and the children worked together to cut off the flowers that have finished. We are hoping to see new flowers grow in their place.

Autumn Term 2

Week beginning 5th November and week beginning 12th November.

Reception Class have been reading Stick Man. Here are some of the things we have been getting up to...

Can you order the Stick Men by height from shortest to tallest?

Some of us have created Stick Man books of our own!

We have loved making our own Stick Man models.

Some children chose to represent Stick Man through painting.

In Maths we have been learning about repeating patterns.

In PE we have been working on ball skills. We are trying really hard to control the ball.

Our construction shop has been very popular and we love buying materials to build with. The children have created so many amazing structures already!