Home Learning

Whilst the school is closed, our fabulous parents have been taking on the role of teachers. Reception Class have been working so hard and we are so impressed with their work.

Here are some photos of the amazing home learning happening in our class! Thank you for all your hard work parents! :)

Summer Term 1 - Home Learning

Week 6 (Week beginning 18th May)

Goldilocks and The Three Bears... reading a recipe, spotting the digraphs and tricky words and then making porridge!

I'm very excited to hear that quite a few people were inspired by our text last week and have invested in their own copies of The Big Book of the Blue!
I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the book! Let me know what you think!

Week 5 (Week beginning 11th May)

Some super writing about ocean animals (based on the book The Big Book of the Blue), continued work on Phase 4 phonics, learning to draw and more!

Week 4 (Week beginning 4th May)

Writing about The Gruffalo, continuing our work on numbers within 20, phonics and reading, making our own nature paintbrushes and more...

The Forest School activities have been very popular! Pond making, bug hotel making and crown making!

Week 3 (Week beginning 27th April)

Week 1 and 2

Not quite the start to the summer term that we anticipated! But here are some examples of our amazing home learning! :) We have been learning about Sea Otters and their habitats. Have a look at our writing and creative work on sea habitats. We have also been learning about repeating patterns in maths and Class R have been spotting patterns in their homes, as well as making their own patterns.

Our silly photos!

Some of us created some lovely props and took some silly photos! :)

Spring Term 2 - Home Learning

Augustus and His Smile Complete Story.pdf

Augustus and His Smile

Have a look at our finished story - written by lots of children in Class R. There were so many entries to choose from, and you can see other examples of the plot points in the photos below. I was so impressed by everyone's writing. You should all be really proud of yourselves!

Spring Term 2

Our topic this term is 'In the Garden' and we started the term by hunting for signs of spring in the school garden. We were thrilled to find so many signs including daffodils, crocuses, frogspawn, lots of singing birds and more. We've also been reading about British Garden Birds and have been describing them.

Observing daffodils, seeds and bulbs.

A Blue tit

'It has a nice blue cap.'

A Blue tit

'It is green and he's yellow and brown and white.'

The new furniture for our outdoor area has begun to arrive and we've been carefully putting our resources into the new sheds.

Spring Term

We've been working hard to write sentences about dragons. We've enjoyed reading Zog and also we've watched clips of Toothless from 'How to Train your Dragon.'

Our new outdoor area

We have been so excited to use our new outdoor area. We've been busy building dens with some of our new equipment...

Autumn Term

Building work

It's been so exciting watching our outdoor area transforming. We've been waiting patiently and can't wait to use it!

Watching eagerly!

It's been very cold so we've been keeping the builders warm with cups of tea!

Winter Learning Update...

We have been super busy this term with our fabulous Winter themed learning! Take a look at the photos below to see what we've been up to.

We have been learning about the Arctic...

We enjoyed creating winter animal pictures using chalk.

We're really interested in story maps and writing at the moment...

More story maps!

Writing facts about penguins...

We've also enjoyed writing about The Jolly Postman!

Week beginning 11th November 2019

On Monday morning we received a mysterious parcel in the post. It contained an egg and lots of snow. We think that it could be a penguin egg and we've been finding out all about penguins.

Opening our parcel...

We've been fascinated by the penguin cam from a zoo in the Cotswolds. Lots of us have been closely observing the penguins and even drew what we could see!

We learnt all about how penguins huddle to keep warm. We loved creating our own huddle. Some of us were baby penguins, tucked in the middle. The adult penguins took it in turns to be on the outside.

Week beginning 28th October and 4th November 2019

Stick Man

We have absolutely loved our class book 'Stick Man' and have been enjoying lots of activities as a result of reading it.

We enjoyed exploring watercolour paint. Some children drew and painted Stick Man.

We've loved creating our own Stick Men during child initiated time.

Our fabulous 'family tree' for Stick Man to live in.

Week beginning 14th October 2019

This week Spiderman set us some superhero challenges. We've designed and made skyscrapers, superhero potions, superhero costumes and more. We've been so excited to explore our newly decorated classroom and our role play area has been very popular too.

Week beginning 7th October 2019

Following on from our Supertato interest, we have been having a veggie themed week! Have a look at the photos to find out what we've been doing...

Printing veggie patterns...

Picking out fruit and vegetable seeds using tweezers...

Comparing the weight of vegetables ...

Writing letters with carrots and paint...

Preparing vegetables in the role play area...

Following instructions to make playdough...

...without adult intervention!

Digging up potatoes...

Using knives safely...

Some children created a restaurant...

Preparing butternut squash...

...before cooking and eating it!

Week beginning 30/10/19

There has been drama in Reception Class this week! After reading 'Supertato' together the Evil Pea started causing havoc! Mrs Dyer's Super Squash went missing and so did our Supertatoes! The Evil Pea left us a message with challenges to complete before he turned our potatoes into mash. The children created 'Wanted!' posters to hunt down the Evil Pea and built traps to catch him.

Update: 4/10/19

In an exciting twist at the end of the week, we finally caught Evil Pea and put him back in the freezer! Reception Class were so relieved to know that Evil Pea can't cause any more trouble!

Week beginning 23/9/19

We've been progressing well in our Write Dance sessions. Many of us have mastered the loop the loop action this week. We've had to persevere with it but our hard work has paid off...

Making the most of the rain and enjoying digging in the mud kitchen...

We performed our Harvest song 'Big Blue Tractor' in the church.

Week beginning 16/9/19

We have been reading 'The Gruffalo' and have completed lots of exciting activities linked to the book. We have enjoyed playing with oats and making Gruffalo Crumble! We have enjoyed painting the gruffalo, drawing him, pretending to be him and retelling the story. There has also been lots of outdoor play, including some amazing number work.

Drawing the characters from The Gruffalo

Making Gruffalo masks!

Trying out new number games...

...and showing the teachers how to write very big numbers!

Week beginning 9/9/19

Meeting the school guinea pigs...

Outdoor mark making...

Getting to know our Year 6 buddies...

Getting ready to write in our 'Write Dance' sessions...

Working on number recognition...

Sharing stories in the library...