Help at home


The best thing that you can do to support your child at home is to read with them every night. Even if you just read a couple of pages each night - every little helps!

Remember to use the flashcards to support your child in recognising the sounds. It's also really important to help them learn the tricky words on their bookmark.

Reading with Reception children guide.pdf

Here are some key things to consider when reading with your child.

Parent Phonics Session - October 2018.pdf


Thank you to those who attended our phonics session in October. Here you will find a summary of the key points covered.

There are some website links on the final slide that you might find useful.


In our writing we are focusing on forming letters correctly. We have been working on holding a pen or pencil with the correct grip and then concentrating on the formation of letters pre-cursively. You can support your child by working on these together. This doesn't have to be on paper, it could be with sticks in the mud, or in sand, flour, bubbles in the bath! The list is endless.