Well done to all of you and I hope you all have a well deserved break. :)


Have a look at all of the awesome work we've been doing!


A selection of the amazing learning completed today :)


Calming activities

Super drawing

Great frog work

Getting creative

Having fun in the sun

Great maths work

Fun online learning

Great start to the recount

Times tables practise

Building a chair for Goldilocks

Using manipulatives

Comparing numbers

Bird spotting and other fun activities

Geography skills

White Rose Maths

Fork painting


Using the Fantastics

Putting the pool up

White Rose Hub work

Becoming a Geographer

Making a lava lamp

Quiet reading

Maths practise

Geography skills

Fun at the beach

Fantastics for ideas

Super concentration

Number bonds to 100

Times tables practise

Super Maths work

Handstand fun

Great patience painting

Number bond work


Super concentration

Family time

Catching frogs

Great visual representations

Using money to help with maths

Last part of the plan

Great visual representations

Bunny support for work

The plan has come together!

Loom bands to help with solve the problems

Bird spotting

Superb handwriting and great ideas

Online learning

The plan has finally happened

Creative artwork

Super calculations

A brilliant finished plan

A pet for the Twits


Delicious looking cookies

Researching where our food originates

Super Mickey drawing

Mrs Twit plan

Great manipulatives to help with learning

Practical learning

Visual representatives for maths

Super learning today

Lovely handwriting

Building a relaxing den

The plan is in place!

Great step by step drawing

Super maths work

Great Geography research

Super writing


Learning how to play Yahtzee

Super work for today

Building a home for hedgehogs

Excellent plan coming together

Maths quiz

Saving a hedgehog

The revenge plan is coming together

Building a den

Super maths work

Well done for the hard work

Brilliant artwork

Lots of concentration on handwriting

Super handwriting

Awesome work!

Another splendid part to the plan

Brilliant origami

Super drawing

Awesome work for today

Lovely handwriting


Awesome origami

Superb missing number problems

Brilliant drawing

Colourful visual representations

Great maths work

Sharks galore

Creative origami

Working hard on marvellous drawing skills

Superb writing

Brother's amazing birthday cake

Comparing numbers accurately

Getting tested with maths

Amazing handwriting transformation

A super start to the plan

Very proud of her writing


Number bonds to 100

They're growing!

Fair Trade research

Mrs Twit's plan

Visual representations

Touch typing practise

White Rose Hub work

Great start to the plan

Great start to the plan

White Rose Hub Maths

Number bond practise

Superb handwriting

The plan has been started

So relaxed watching a film

Researching where food has come from

Maths practise

Geography research

Fact families

Having a quiet read

Revenge plotting


Time to relax

Super character description

Bunting complete

Collection of brilliant work

WW2 memorabilia

Great Mr Twit description

Awesome writing

Having fun baking cakes

Final part of the character description

VE celebration cakes

Engrosed in research

Bunting all ready to hang


Awesome drawing

Super handwriting work

Smiling with his learning

Creating a home for frogs

Mr Twit description

Getting stuck in

Great drawing

Super description

Islamic style pattern

Spelling Shed practise

Maths manipulatives

Great character description

Getting stuck in with the fence painting

Planting sunflowers

Mr Twit character description

Islamic style pattern


Great drawing

Proud of his artwork

Great character description

Michael Rosen fan

Super drawing

Great Maths working out

Mrs Twit description

Fractions practise

Great working out

Using manipulatives for Maths

Mr Twit description

Awesome drawing

Brilliant concentration

Mr Twit description


Finding England on the map

Awesome adjectives

Mr Twit description

Great Maths work

Geography grins

Great mapping skills

Great measuring work

Mrs Twit description

Camping adventure

Super concentrating

Balancing work

Adjective collector

Character description

Dinosaur measuring

Measuring practise

Enjoying a story together

Mr Twit description

Great adjectives


Finished Beegu recount

Fishy feet

Awesome drawing

Final part of recount

Giraffe drawing

Maths challenges

Quiet reading time

Awesome spelling work

Last part of Beegu recount

Drawing practise

Great spelling ideas

Much improved handwriting!

Great Maths work

Practical Maths work

theo cold climate.pdf

Great Science research

Awesome handwriting


Maths teacher

Can't wait to see these grow!

Great Science research

Beegu recount

Measuring the height of the bear

Maths for the day

Science research

Drawing video

Cold climate plant research

Today's measuring task

Researching cold climates

Spelling practise

Awesome Beegu writing

Happy brothers :)


Avocado planting

Having some chill time

Super recount

Planting seeds

Some nice quiet reading

Awesome Maths work

Brilliant next part to the recount

Making sure that handwriting is lovely

Ramadan picture

Still smiling :)

Brilliant handwriting

Ramadan work

Hula hooping practise

Beegu recount

Next part to the story

Concentrating hard on his work

Working hard on handwriting


Making friends with snails

Perfecting the balances

Awesome step by step drawings

Awesome drawing

Great fractions work

Concentrating hard, well done!

Brilliant next part to the recount

Collecting tadpoles

Part 2 of the Beegu recount

Amazing artwork

Super drawing!


A nice bit of gardening

Practising hula hooping skills

Great fractions work

Beegu part one

Fractions work

First part of Beegu

Weather forecast

Joe Wiclks workout

Cities in the UK and their temperatures

Selection of Maths work

Great first part to a recount

Measuring practise

Fractions work

Great word problems

Awesome fractions practise


Spelling practise

Online time skills

Solar system

Awesome seasons work

Guitar practise

A diary entry to be very proud of! One of our stars of the week! :D

I am the Music Man

Today's diary entry

Practising the time


Starlink rocket spotting

Having some construction fun

Baking yummy scones

Symmetry pattern maker

A huge handwriting improvement!

Excellent fractions work

Updated weather diary

Brilliant concentration

Today's diary entry

Great practical number work

Awesome diary entry

Awesome concentration on fractions

Brilliant fractions work

Daily exercise

Understanding how the cactus has grown a flower


Proud of her diary

Great story map

Keeping the horses fed

Colourful story map

Fun morning workout

Today's diary entry

The excitement of the nails

Great Maths practise

Under The Sea story map

Looking out for satellites

Being a good Samaritan

Awesome diary entry

Fun Maths practise

Very neat handwriting

Great diary entry

Having lots of fun by the look of it

Spelling Shed practise

Great fun on the trampoline

Awesome symmetry work

Superb story map


Number bonds practise

Fraction based questions

Very proud of his work

Amazing diary entry

White Rose Hub work

Great concentration

Awesome poster

Brilliant squirrel drawing

Hama Bead design

Great step by step squirrel

Today's diary entry

Brilliant Maths work

Super challenge work

Amazing squirrel

Very proud of her great work

Lovely, neat handwriting


Working out what the temperature is

Keep the photos coming Year Two, they are awesome!


Great step by step art lesson

Weekend diary entry

Times tables practise

Super Sonic face paint

Today's diary entry

Great start to a weather diary

Awesome diary entry

Fractions practise

Concentrating very hard

White Rose Hub work

Brilliant handwriting

Very proud of his weather chart

Awesome diary entry


Practising number bonds

Rhyming couplets

Tuba research

More rhyming couplets

Times tables practise

Guitar research

Parts of a drum kit

Violin research

Fun game of Battleships

Rockstar Guitar

Drum research

Hard at work

Awesome couplets

Seasons poster

Smiling through lockdown

Violin poster

Drum research

Dr Suess reading

Trumpet research

Seed storyboard


Awesome banners

An amazing story

Brilliant Art work

Great gardening

Concentrating hard on Maths

Piano practise through Zoom

Spring acrostic poem

Great Maths work

Lovely decorated Spring poem

Amazing Nurse poster that has been put up in the ICU!

A poem to be proud of

Beautiful handwriting

Great work on fractions

Another brilliant acrostic

Very decorative poem

Fantastic ideas for a poem

Lovely decorative work

Another awesome acrostic poem

Term 5


Awesome Easter drawing

Amazing Easter basket

Delicious Easter treats

Dedicated violin practise

Brilliant Easter artwork

Fancy hair do!

Smiling through the work out

Perfect weather for planting

A poem about Baxter

Lovely Easter drawings

A poem to be very proud of

Awesome art work

Great Easter art work

Brilliant fractions practise

A poem about Teddy

Great rabbit poetry


Such huge smiles from both of you!

So lovely to see you all talking to each other today! :D

Drum lesson galore

Alphabet walk- 'P' is for pothole

Excellent kite design

Happy climbing

Proud of his kite design :)

Times table practise, well done!

Awesome fractions work

Great kite design


Ingenius work out methods

Family 3D shape hunt

Practising touch typing

Researching Lithuania

South Africa research

United States of America poster

Researching China

The next poem installment

Proud of her awesome Algeria poster

Flower poster


Rain shaker whilst hover boarding!

Keyboard practise

Experimenting with different sounds

A lovely, colourful poem

All about Poppy

Another great poem :)

Practising the three times table

Excellent Science project

Out of this world Art work


Happy learning!

Practising telling the time

Spring walk

Enjoying the sunshine

Magnolia poster

Daisies poster

Art in the sunshine

Facts about Ivy (the plant)

Awesome Maths work

Excellent poetry

Great spelling practise


Planting some seeds

Climbing the walls and it's only Wednesday!

Practising counting money

Concentrating very hard! :)

Great poem with awesome alliteration

The Easter Story

Lovely writing

Finding different ways to make the same total

The Easter Story


Brain work out in the sun

Excellent concentration

Smiling and proud- the best combination

Practising art work

A huge amount of writing

Description of a pet

Weather poster

Great start to a poem

Amazing interpretation of weather picture

A story to be proud of

A great rabbit description

Weather picture


Great measuring

Describing an animal

Jumping as high as the sky

Early morning PE

Daily morning work out

Animal description

Great start to the story

The Great Fire of London

We lined our houses up.

Then we set fire to them.

The fire spread quickly.

We extinguished any remaining flames.

The remains of the fire.

Stick Man

We have made our own Stick Men and will be seeing what adventures they get up to.

Topic work

We have been making our Tudor Houses.

We have been learning about bar models and creating them to help us with addition and subtraction.