Term 2 - The Similarities between Scrooge and The Grinch

In our English lessons we have read the story of A Christmas Carol, an adaptation by Tony Mitton. This version of the story is written in rhyming couplets. We worked together to write a character description of Scrooge in rhyming couplets.

As our independent piece, we have written a character description of The Grinch. There are lots of similarities between the two characters and we used our knowledge of Scrooge to help us with our descriptions.

We also created our own pictures of The Grinch.

Written by William

Written by James L

Written by Sofia

Written by Beth

Written by Finley

Written by Evie

Term 2 - The Blue Umbrella

Year 4's literacy unit is based upon the Pixar short 'The Blue Umbrella'.

Year 4's homework was to be as creative as possible to produce a piece of art work using whatever materials they wanted to show the meeting of Red Umbrella and Blue Umbrella. We are really impressed with the quality of work produced. Well done Year 4.

Term 2 - The Blue Umbrella

We use the drama techniques 'freeze frames' and 'thought tapping' to react the meeting of Blue Umbrella and Red Umbrella

Term 2 - Aurora Borealis

Our topic this term is 'All Around The World' and for the last few weeks we have focused on looking specifically at the Antarctic and the Arctic Circles. We looked at several images of The Northern Lights and created polar bear pictures. Here are an example of some of our pieces of artwork.

Term 1 - Romans

As part of their home learning, Year 4 made their own Roman shields. They used these to form a 'testudo' - can you guess what this word might mean?