Term 5

Beth & Kitty.mp4

Ending Term 5 on a high ! We have the Battle of Troy in Lego format, a demonstration of healthy cooking and a news report live from the battle, in Ancient Greece. All your work has been a joy to see this term, apologies if not all of it reached our class web page but I have tried to include something from everyone at some point. Have a great half term, relax and enjoy the sunshine - Take care 😊


#PEgoals 21.5.20

Jessica's (right) and Oliver's (left) art challenge -

Well done!

Holly's Kevin

Harry's Eugene the owl

Poppy MW's Eugene the owl

Moon Landing Science Experiments 20.5.20

Joshua G's English work (opposite). Really good use of characterisation and moving the action along using dialogue.


Sofia's brilliant dinosaur as part of our Art Challenge - super colour choice.

Poppy MW, Martha, Harry and Sam - just a few examples from the Art Challenge - well done all of you.

Just one of the paragraphs Zack wrote about Ellie and giraffe. Zack has used alliteration, adverbials and explored the friendship between the characters by practising the 'show, don't tell' technique.

Ellia's English work - well done!

Kitty's smoothie recipe (delicious) Evie's Maths (very colourful and precise), Maths (delicious and educational - good job!)

Sams English 15.5.20.docx

Sam (top left), Beth (left) and Evie's (above) English work.


Beth's top trumps (below)

Preventing the science experiment from being eaten by the dog! Excellent effort

Checking measurements - good job

Accurate measuring - well done


Recording results carefully.

Super Science ! 14.5.20

Martha's sundial

Careful measuring of the time with a sundial for Science. 14.5.20

Joshua C's Greek Goddess Diary Entry for History 14.5.20

Josh C Diary of Rhea.docx

Enjoying the sunshine and fresh air


Martha has done a beautifully presented double page spread....and I've included all her English so far this week so that you can see how it flows really well.

Terrific Top Trump cards from Evie. (above)

Great to see planning beforehand. Well done Poppy. (left)


Have a look at Beth and Sam's writing. Look how they have used the practice sentences in their own paragraphs. Well done.

Poppy's colourful Islamic inspired art.

Finley's awesome art 12.5.20

Joshua C's great geometric shapes and colour.

Good to see lots of you are getting plenty of fresh air and enjoying the weather when we can.

Below is some of Evie's Maths work - well done for showing your working out.

Look at these marvellous carrot cake cupcakes for VE Day - good job. Zack and Joshua have made their super PE wheels - you will need them again so don't throw away! 11.5.20

Well done Holly for all your hard work completing your space research.

Ellia's writing

Well done Beth

Poppy's writing above for pathetic fallacy.

Kitty's favourite memory below.

The Alchemist’s Letter

As I unlocked the door to the tiny ramshackled cottage there in front of me was something under a large dirty dusty sheet. As I pulled it back the dust lifted into the air and the sun through the cottage window glimmering on the magnificent contraption.

The intriguing mechanical device looked like something from Albert Einstein's laboratory. As I lifted the letter, the change in weight must have started the mechanism. The giant cogs that were decreasing in size, started to dash around in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. The gentle clink of glass against metal along with puffs of gases made it hiss like a rattlesnake. The machine sounded like a ticking clock.

The letter explained how the machine worked and how it gobbled up memories to power it. The more precious the memory,the more powerful the machine became. It separated the memory showing glimpses of the past. It’s colourful displays in each of the glass capsules showed a brief window into my father’s mind. The stunning waterfall cascaded down from one capsule to another.It was perfectly aligned with it having enough force to spin to another chamber of the device. It was like the machine was telling a story with each chapter in a different orb.

The machine showed sadness and the dark creature my father thought he had become.

As the melted gold collected in the small glass orb at the bottom, the tiny drop fell onto the old pocket watch. It turned to gold like magic, in an instant. After making the watch, coins and chains turn to gold, the machine started to shudder and shake and then it shattered and came to a grinding halt. My father had planned for this to happen so that I didn’t have to carry on with his lifetimes work. The pocket watch and small pile of treasure was like a final gift from my father.

Clear paragraphs that flow really well Zack.

Great description Poppy

Super editing Sam

If you take a moment to read these super pieces of writing you will see that each of your friends has worked very hard to describe the machine from 'The Alchemist's Letter' in their own individual way.

From editing to using similes all of them have shown excellent focus with their English work today. Good job year 5.

Great moon research by Joshua G (biscuits) and Kitty (picture).

Evie (above), Harry (top right) and Kezia (right) have all worked hard using figurativelanguage this week for their English introductions. Well done.

Poppy's English introduction


This week class 5 practised using figurative langauge.

Zack's English introduction

William's History research - well done


William's super solar system work


Evie's excellent Science research


A super poem - well done. 29.4.20

Ancient Greeks.docx

Great examples of using figurative language in poems and weather reports in English 29th and 30th April.

Ancient Greece Research by Aaron, Oliver and Finley.

Super effort with your History this week.

Personification writing 'The Dreadful Menace'

Joshua C's (to the left)

Poppy's (to the top left)

Joshua G's (above)

Evie's colourful Ramadan sheet

RE 27.4.20

Oliver's detailed information

RE 27.4.20

Joshua G's fact sheet

RE 27.4.20

Well done everyone for some very thoughful, detailed fact sheets for RE this afternoon about Ramadan. Here is a selection from Poppy, Sam and Finley.


Music - Sofia.pdf

Sofia's Music reflection

sunflower 2.docx

Harry's Music reflection

From football, to basket ball, water balloons, cricket and netball - you all had fun with PE this afternoon on St George's Day.


Great effort with you writing

Sam's excellent writing

Evie's music reflection and Pandora writing - well done

Gizmo reading with his human.

Always there to support you.

Millie reading with her human.

Always there to cheer you up.

Look at all of your amazing sketches of Ancient Greek architecture.


Taking time to sketch the Parthenon


Careful drawing by Finely


Venus in the sky!

Thank you for the photo Finley

William's huge hexapod

William's thoughtful keys to happiness

Sam's detailed hexapod above and James F's colourful creature to the right

Super solar system

A detailed double-page spread

Well done

All of you have sent through such imaginative ideas for your hexapod - this is just a some selection. Good job everyone! 21.4.20

Amazing effort!

Wonderful ideas collected for the Pandora report


Always make time to relax - especially with a furry friend


Martha's solar system


Oliver's solar system research


Holly's hard work in Maths


James F's quidditch board game


Joshua's Harry Potter board game


Awesome board game


Look at these amazing board games !

Beth's persuasive letter.

Luke's football game


Finley's fortnite game


Poppy's persuasive letter,


Joshua's letter - great editing


Sam designing his game



Here are some examples from Poppy, Evie and Sofia relating to 'For the Birds'. They were using inverted commas for speech and emotive language.

Below is the decimal place work the children have worked on today.

Sam's Maths 16.04.20

Poppy's Maths 16.04.20

Sofia's Maths 16.04.20

Oliver's Maths 16.04.20

Term 4

Evie's RE part 1 - lovely diagrams


Evie's RE part 2 - clear timeline


Sofia's hard work


Well done Holly


Working hard on the Easter project


Good job Oliver


Working hard - well done


Excellent example of writing by Sofia


Rocking Robins by Poppy


Brilliant Buzzards by Beth


Perfect Penguins by Evie


Good Job Kitty, Jessica and Sam



Kung Fu training


Clear instructions


Netball skills

Holly video

Smoothie (No.2)


Brilliant biome picture


Detailed writing


Delicious smoothie


Smoothie (No.1)


Sunshine smoothie


Marvellous writing.

Working hard.

Helping with a PE lesson

Smoothie making

Smoothie tasting

More smoothie making

Poppy Drink Plan.pdf


  • Sharing a smoothie with your best pal
  • Marvellous milkshake
  • Mixing it up
  • All the smoothie ingredients


  • Tropical Sunkiss Smoothie

Unbelievable Umbrella work


Detailed DT Project


Enjoying a PE lesson


Keeping at least one cafe open!


A letter to help the neighbours


Super writing