Term 2

Here are just a few of the amazing homework projects that Class 5 produced during our recent topic of World War 1. It was really great to see the children so enthusiastic learning about this significant period of history. They all enjoyed their visit to the church and wrote some interesting questions for Reverend Peter to answer.

Class 5 wrote poems and diary entries about life in

World War 1.

They also produced artwork inspired by the illustrations from the book Poppy Field by Michael Morpurgo.

We have been busy making decorations. We had great fun and were really pleased with the end result. It's a shame that they are too small to wear as they look really cosy!

A big thank you to everyone who donated wool, it was very much appreciated.

And a special thank you to Mrs Gunton who spent several evenings cutting the wool into lengths, counting the strands into packs of 100 and bagging them up for us!

Molly had a special guest at her rugby training session. Mike Tindall joined in with the training, answered some questions (including, what do the Royal family have for Christmas dinner?) and signed rugby balls. What an experience!

Term 3

It has been a busy term so far in Class 5.

Two separate groups of children attended workshops at MGGS. One workshop was all about writing in Secondary school and the children worked together to write a newspaper report. The other workshop focused on thinking skills and the children had to complete a variety of challenges including building a bridge using spaghetti and marshmallows!

Thank you to Mrs Gunton for accompanying both of the groups.

La Luna

Class 5 watched the short film La Luna and then wrote their own stories. It was brilliant to see them using all of the ideas they had collected in their stories. Some fantastic vocabulary and description.


As part of their Anglo-Saxon topic, Class 5 have been reading the poem and story of Beowulf. It was agreed that it was quite gruesome in places but they produced some amazing poems which they performed in groups. The imagery used in their writing really brought the story to life!

Invicta Primary Literacy Challenge Winners!

A huge well done to Millie, Anya, Sarah and Madison who beat 6 other schools to win the Primary Literacy Challenge at Invicta Grammar school. We are all very proud of you, what a fantastic achievement! Thank you to Mrs Adams for accompanying the children too.

Anglo-Saxon projects due in Thursday 7th February!

There have been some amazing projects arriving in Class 5, we were even treated to some Anglo-Saxon snacks that we enjoyed whilst watching Newsround! All of the projects will be shared on here next this space!


This Anglo-Saxon home even had a 'real' fire for cooking!

What can you see inside this Anglo-Saxon home?

A side view

Anglo-Saxon runes-I wonder what they say?

Amazing detail in this home.

This one looks cosy!

Made with real logs and leaves!

Can you work out what this says?

Millie and Isabelle wrote poems based on the story of Beowulf-they read them to the class. Well done!

We had a great time looking at each other's Anglo-Saxon projects. Everyone has worked so hard on them...we have quite a large Anglo-Saxon settlement in Class 5!

A huge thank you and well done to all of the amazing children in Class 5 (and their helpers at home!) The projects you have produced are absolutely amazing. I am so excited to see what you create for our next topic in Term 4!

Term 4

We have had a very busy term in Class 5. I am so incredibly proud of the children and constantly amazed by their achievements. They have produced some outstanding writing linked to our topic 'Vicious Vikings' including a Viking saga, an information poster about life as a Viking and a balanced argument using the raid on Lindisfarne Priory as their inspiration. In addition to this, they have been getting to grips with fractions, decimals and percentages in Maths; it has been great to see so many of them challenging themselves each lesson.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Making Lemonade

As part of Fairtrade fortnight, we made lemonade using Fairtrade sugar. We had to keep testing it to make sure that it wasn't too sour!

Making Fruit Punch

We also made fruit punch. It smelt delicious and we used Fairtrade bananas, raspberries, pears and oranges.

Getting ready to sell our drinks!

The girls had great fun selling our drinks during the Fairtrade tuck shop.

World Book Day

Paired reading with Year 1

Everyone looked very cosy in their pyjamas!

Maths with Class 1

Class 1 were learning about measuring in Maths. They came into Class 5 to measure the children's arms and legs. Who do you think had the longest arm?

Working together!

Can you guess what it is?

All Finished!

A Viking Longboat

Teamwork in Class 5!

Rocking out in Class 5!

We were rock stars!

We had great fun dressing up as rock stars. It was a busy day, full of activities, we were still smiling at the end of the day!

Viking shields


Once again Class 5 have produced the most incredible homework. They are now displayed in the hall. Well done everyone!

Viking Day

Undoubtedly, the highlight of Term 4 was the Viking workshop. The children had an amazing day and were absolutely buzzing about it the next day. Well done Vikings!

Viking Day (1)