Our Approach

We follow 'Letters and Sounds' - a systematic approach for teaching children to read using phonics.

Our school recently started to use an exciting new programme to deliver an effective, multisensory approach to the teaching of phonics. This programme 'Song of Sounds' is highly engaging and we are excited to see how it supports our children's progress. Each daily session includes the 'Song of Sounds' which supports children in learning the key phonemes/ graphemes.

Children progress from Phase 1 to Phase 5 in Reception and Year 1. Children are taught Phase 6 in Year 2. Children take part in daily phonics sessions which focus on reading and blending and segmenting words.

Our school reading scheme, Collins Big Cat, works in harmony with this phonics scheme. It provides children with phonically decodable books to support their reading and application of the phonics they learn. Children read books which are directly linked to their phonics learning.

Our phonics policy will be published on the website soon.

We have worked hard to develop a phonics partnership with parents. We have been so impressed by the creativity of our families. For photos of Phonics in Action at home, click the green button!

Help videos to support your child at home

Phonics Information Session

September 2020

Phonics Zoom Information Session for Parents - minutes.docx

Learn how to pronounce all 44 phonics sounds, or phonemes, used in the English language.

Learn how letter sounds can be blended to read words, and hear tips on how to practise phonics with your child.

Phonics Audio Guide

There are 26 letters of the alphabet but they make 44 sounds. Use the audio guide from oxford owl to hear all 44 phonic sounds, on their own and in example words.