The Great Outdoors

What is the purpose?

Forest school sessions encourage pupils to experience the world outside of the classroom. The practical activities promote confidence and independence as forest school offers opportunities for self-initiated learning.

The resources utilized during the sessions further children’s imagination and creativity, whilst simultaneously strengthening children’s analytical skills to support their learning in the wider curriculum.

Forest School at East Farleigh

At East Farleigh, forest school has been developing since 2013, within our award-winning school gardens unique environment as our outdoor classroom. The garden includes a wildlife pond, insect hotels, an orchard area, wildflower areas, a willow tunnel, compost and leaf bins, raised beds and a greenhouse for horticulture. We also have access to an open field area which is bordered by a mixed hedgerow, which has a diversity of trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses.

Forest school sessions are taught by a level three qualified forest school facilitator. The sessions are regular, and activities are tailored towards each age group and the needs of individuals. They also offer opportunities for students to take an appropriate level of risk, encouraging self-confidence and risk awareness.

Forest school has a positive impact on the mental health, green spaces reducing levels of anxiety generally and encouraging environmental awareness and understanding. Sessions also promote social development through group and partner work, allowing pupils to develop skills required for group cooperation and social interaction. All these skills transfer positively to enhance classroom learning.

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