The Kent Test

Secondary Transfer / The Kent Test

Your child will transfer to secondary education at eleven, at the end of year 6. West Kent uses the 11+ and some children take this at the beginning of their final year.

The decision about whether your child should take the 11+ and the application process is made by you as parents/carers, however there is an opportunity to discuss your child’s suitability for the exam with both the class teacher and the Headteacher during year 5. A separate booklet about transfer at eleven gives more information about the procedure. This is available from Kent County Council and is available below.

All local secondary schools offer open evenings throughout the autumn term prior to application and it is strongly advised that you go to see as many of the schools as you can, as each child is very different and may be best suited to different settings.

P.E.S.E Meeting Presentation

P.E.S.E Presentation to parents 2019

Information Leaflet from the Local Authority

(this is available as a hard copy from the school office)
Kent-Test-registration-leaflet 2019.pdf

How can I help prepare my child?

You can download a Kent Test familiarisation booklet (see above) to help prepare your child; this details the different parts of the test and gives advice on how to approach the types of questions asked. GL Assessment also publishes a range of revision titles, support books and practice papers; these are not specific to the Kent Test, but will give your child a good idea of the sort of questions they'll need to tackle.