Empowerment Approach

"Building brains for better futures"


We are proud to be using the Empowerment Approach at East Farleigh Primary School, an innovative, research-based approach to support children and young people who struggle with challenging and risky behaviour. The approach offers a proven alternative to the traditional control-based methods of managing behaviour.

What is the Empowerment Approach all about?

The Empowerment Approach is built on what the latest neuroscience tells us about the factors underlying challenging and risky behaviour. It is informed by our understanding of neurodiversity and the impact of attachment and trauma on behaviour difficulties. It is underpinned by therapeutic approaches.

The approach also sets out a very practical methodology for addressing children’s difficulties on a day-to-day basis. It is underpinned by strong relationships between adults and young people. Relationships characterised by positive communication; mutual respect and listening to understand the young person’s experience.

The Empowerment Approach supports the development of pro-social skills for all children and young people. It also creates a targeted support structure for young people with high levels of difficulty, including those who:

  • Have difficulty keeping to agreed boundaries.

  • Demonstrate social, emotional or mental health difficulties which may lead to unwanted behaviours and challenging relationships.

  • Experience difficulties in following instructions and regulating emotions.

  • Struggle to manage time, organise equipment and get started on tasks.

The approach places young people’s self-awareness at its heart. It provides practical strategies and tools to support children to truly understand their difficulties and to move from responses driven by emotion towards positive self-control.