Admission September 2020

Welcome Year R September 2020

Dear Parents and Children for September 2020

Monday 20th April 2020

Welcome to your own dedicated page on our school website. For now, you can find links to our online admission forms and the different policies which in previous years you would have received as a paper copy. We will email you with any information going forward using the email address from which you applied at KCC. If you need to change this, or add the other parent, please email us

Link to Uniform page

Admission Forms - please ensure you have submitted each form

Data Collection - please complete giving your contact information Data Collection

Permission & Consent - please complete to give your consent to our policies Permission & Consent

Free School Meals Application

Policies and Documents

Code of Conduct.pdf
Home School Agreement.pdf
Computers and Internet Parent & Pupil Agreement.pdf
Photograph and Image consent.pdf
Privacy Notice.pdf
Local Visits.pdf