Virtual Classroom

Hello You!

If you're reading this today then that means school has had to be closed, but do not fear! Even though we're closed and won't see you today, this doesn't mean that there's nothing for you to do. Phew!

Your teacher has set a selection of home learning tasks for you to complete whilst you are away - make sure you have your login details sheets at the ready.

Your spellings have been set and are waiting for you to practise. Spend at least 20 minutes each day learning these.

There will be also be a writing element to your topic home learning task. Scroll down to the topic section to find out more.

Use your class code to complete a range of reading comprehension tasks. The site is really clever and will match the text according to how accurate you are.

Don't forget to spend at least 30 minutes reading to yourself or someone else. Remember to fill in your reading record book so your teacher can see how much you have read each day.

KS1 Reading Books

The KS1 reading scheme books can be accessed online through Collins Connect. To log into this follow this link

Select student sign in and use the log in details shared with you via Parent Mail.

Children can enjoy reading these books for pleasure, but teachers may also choose to set some tasks linked to a specific text.

You will be set a new MyMaths task to complete each day - this may recap something you have learnt in class or might be something new.

Please make sure you follow the lesson instructions and don't forget to save your work as you go.

Spend at least 20 minutes practising your times tables. Remember the more accurate and speedier you are, the quicker you will move up the league table!

Information about daily tasks and activities will be sent by email and will also be posted on your virtual classroom - use the links about to be taken to your class page.

Remember to use a safe search engine if you're doing a research task. Kiddle is a great Google option...

Coming soon...

Use your class code to login to your virtual classroom. Here you will find a daily message from your teacher along with your home learning tasks. Make sure you check in daily to see what has been uploaded.