Mr Rivers' Poster Challenge...

Hello everyone!

You all did such an incredible job with the #DrawwithRob art challenge that you have inspired me to set you another creative task. I would like you to brighten up my office by designing me a poster for one of these three frames. Your design must:

  • Include one of our three inspirational words: ENGAGE, EXCITE or EMPOWER (be careful with your spelling)
  • Be bright and inspired by the Class Dojo characters (the #DrawwithRob page can help teach you how to create one of these in your own style)
  • Draw big and aim to fill the page so there are no big empty white spaces - PLEASE USE COLOURING PENCILS
  • Be on A4 white paper (if you need some paper, please pop into school and we can provide this for you)
  • Look at the designs below for ideas, but try not to copy these as we want the designs to be unique


1. First place winners will receive a whopping 50 Dojo points!!!

2. Runners up will receive a very respectable 25 Dojo points (these pictures will be displayed in our newly renovated office outside Year 6)

3. All that take part will receive 5 Dojo points

Have a look at these designs to give you some ideas:

Some different DoJo monsters for inspiration:

Some great examples of some posters I have received so far:

Eli (YR)

Zak (Y2)

Sophia (Y3)

Marli (Y6)

Finley (Y5)

Harriet (Y3)

Lola (Y3)

Evelyn (Y2)

Molly (Y1)

Evie (Y5)

Jessica (Y5)

Hannah (Y2)

Lily (Y3)

Josh (Y5)

Oliver P (Y3)

Amelia (Y3)

Poppy S (Y5)

Isobelle (Y2)