Toilet Roll Challenge

Your challenge this week is to record yourself catching and throwing on a toilet roll in a fun and creative way. You don't have to wear your uniform, but I would like you all to get involved! Can we try and get a whole school video on our website by the end of the week?

Reception class, you did a wonderful job last time and have certainly shown us how it should be done. It would be great if you could have a second go in your own clothes, maybe you can come up with a new idea?

Where can we take the challenge next?

What we need you to do:

  • Find someone to video you - please make sure this is filmed LANDSCAPE
  • Ask someone else to throw a toilet roll to your right
  • Catch it and strike a pose
  • Throw it on to your left
  • Send you finished clip to: or to your class teacher

If in doubt, watch Class R's video and follow their lead!

Can't wait to see your clips!

Year 1
Year 2.mp4
Year 3.mp4
Year 4.mp4
Year 5.mp4
Year 6.mp4