KS1 Classroom

Good Morning!

If you can't come to school today, don't worry - we've got lots of exciting things for you to do here!

Use the drop down menu on the Virtual Classroom to find today's date and then you can access all of the learning for today.


If you have any question or queries about the work on the KS1 classroom during the day, please contact Mrs Dyer by emailing reception@east-farleigh.kent.sch.uk and she will be able to help you.

You can still email Miss Fittall, Miss Vickery and Mrs Jenkinson with updates, queries and photos, but please be aware that they will not be able to respond during the school day.

Reception and Year 1

Many children in Reception and Year 1 have returned to school. However, if you are unable to be in school today, the learning on the Virtual Classroom can be adapted to all ages. You will find explanations of how to approach each area of learning if you are in these year groups. Remember, always just manage what you can. :)

Year 2

The main focus of the learning on the Virtual Classroom will be for Year 2 children, who are not yet returning to school. The work set will continue to build on what Miss Fittall has provided, and Mrs Dyer is working closely with Miss Fittall to ensure as much continuity in the work as possible.