Friday 12th June

Friday 12th June

Good Morning Everyone! If you aren't returning to school today, don't worry - you can find home learning here!

As always - please remember to just manage what you can and take things at your own pace. There is no expectation that you need to complete absolutely everything, everyday.

Get Active

Have you got that Friday feeling?! Even when you feel tired, exercise is super important and will help you feel re-energised. Choose something active to do this morning!

Writing - Butterflies

A Butterfly is Spectacular

There's no doubt that butterflies are beautiful. When you get a chance to look at them closely, they're so intricate and pretty. Usually in school at this time of year, we have butterflies to learn from. I've put some photos below of last year - what lovely memories we made!

Your final section of your fact file is about how butterflies look. This is more of a description and you will need to use adjectives.

1. Have a look at the image I've included. The names of the butterflies are next to them.

2. Choose one or two types of butterfly to describe. Look up some photos of them and talk with an adult about what they look like.

3. Write a mini description of at least two butterflies. Use the noticing lens and think about descriptive language. I have included a colours word mat for you to refer to - this may give you some new vocabulary for describing colour.

Have a look at my example for ideas.

Copy of Colour_Mats.pdf

Phonics/ Spelling

  • Spend 10-15 minutes on Spelling Shed or Phonics Play.
  • Reception Class, your initial blends for today are scr and shr. You will find these words on Spelling Shed.


  • Reception and Year 1 - can you choose a book from Collins Connect to read to an adult?
  • Year 2 - Have a go at this Year 2 Reading comprehension with an adult. Although it is a SATs paper, please don't do this as a test or think I'm testing you! These papers support children in attempting different reading comprehension question types. Don't sit and complete this alone. Use it as a chance to share a story, by reading it out loud. Then read the questions together and talk about them. You might like to use a pencil or highlighter to underline answers as you find them in the text. Use this as a learning tool. You may just like to do it all verbally, rather than writing out the answers.
  • Parents: These papers are a great tool for exploring different comprehension question types. We often use extracts to help children apply their reading skills. Children will encounter these types of questions once they move to KS2. I hope that they provide you with examples of good questions you can use and that this is a useful learning tool.
Year 2 Reading Paper.pdf


Today I have set a maths investigation for Year 1 and 2. These require application of different maths skills.

Year 2

Have a go at the 'Always, Sometimes or Never' investigation below. Think about how you can prove each one.

Year 1

Have a go at the Magic Plant investigation which involves your knowledge of doubling/ multiplying by 2. Can you draw some pictures to support your understanding? Show your working out.


Have a go at this doubling activity. This is part of our Early Learning Goal for maths.

Afternoon - Forest School

Forest School is an important part of our school curriculum and is very important for well-being too. I've included a popular Forest School activity for you this afternoon.

Spend time outside and go on a minibeast hunt.

  • Can you find all of the creatures shown in the image?
  • What kind of habitats did you find them in?
  • Can you take some paper and draw or record the things you find?

For tips of where to look, follow this link...


Mindfulness/ Fun Activity

Every day we will give you a suggested mindfulness or well-being activity. This is just an idea and is optional.

Do some baking! Find a simple recipe to follow and spend time learning to cook or bake something. The BBC Good Food website has lots of ideas, perhaps you'll be inspired to try something new?

When you've made something, sit with your family and enjoy some conversation over a snack. How are you doing? How are you feeling today