Friday 5th June

Friday 5th June

Good Morning Everyone! If you aren't returning to school today, don't worry - you can find home learning here!

As always - please remember to just manage what you can and take things at your own pace. There is no expectation that you need to complete absolutely everything, everyday.

Get Active!

Get the whole family involved with your active start to the day.

Have a go at this game 'Squat and Shoot' - who will be the winner?!

Writing - Plot Point 5 - The End!

The last part of the story involves Erin telling the adults about Black Rock and eventually them building a lighthouse to protect it. You need to wrap up your story today!

1. Begin with a joining sentence to link your writing from yesterday and to explain how Erin got back to shore.

2. Use the speech lens to write about what Erin told the adults.

3. Action sentence - write a sentence about the building of the lighthouse. Could you use interesting verbs e.g. built, constructed, created to explain what they did?

4. Wrap up your story with a finishing sentence.

Read your whole story from the beginning and be really proud of yourselves! You've done a wonderful job.

Reception and Year 1

Aim for two sentences today:

1. A speech sentence to retell what Erin said when she got back to shore.

2. An action sentence about building the lighthouse.

Phonics/ Spelling

Reception and Year 1 - Spend some time on PhonicsPlay. Choose the Phase you are currently working on. Reception Class we are on Phase 4. Remember to check out our Phonics Ideas page for inspiration if you want to do something practical.

Year 2 - Miss Fittall has set Spelling Shed up for you for the rest of the term. Spend time today working on your spellings.


Year 2 - Spend some time on Read Theory or log on to Collins Connect and read a book. Remember to complete the activity at the end.

Year 1/ R - Log into Collins Connect and read a book of your choice. Remember to complete the activity at the end.


Year 2

Can you have a go at the problems I've included?

Year 1 and Reception

Can you complete the questions I've included?

Year 1 Maths Friday.pdf
Year 2 Problem Solving Friday.pdf

Afternoon - Forest School

In school, especially in the summer term, we dedicate time to Forest School. Each week on the Virtual Classroom we will provide a Forest School activity for you to join in with at home.

This week's idea is to make a 'Stick Mobile'.

Collect lots of sticks either in your garden or when out on a daily walk. You might like to collect other items to decorate your mobile with.

Use string or thread to join your sticks together in a hanging shape. Learn to tie knots! You might like to paint your sticks with patterns or add natural decorations. Find somewhere in your garden to hang your mobile.

Well-being/ Mindfulness

Every day we will give you a suggested mindfulness or well-being activity. This is just an idea and is optional.

Mrs Adams and Nelly - Part 2!