Monday 13th July

Monday 13th July

Good Morning - I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Welcome to your last week of the Virtual Classroom - summer is almost here! You have done so, so well to maintain home learning for such a long time and we are so proud of you.

Active Start!

Keep up the active start and have a go at this game. You can play one player or get the whole family to join in!

Monday Active Start.pdf


Each day this week, before you begin your maths activity, can you complete one set of fluency questions? How quickly and accurately can you complete them?

The booklet will be the same for the whole week, just complete one day at a time. These are designed to increase fluency and boost confidence in maths. The answers are included in the booklet. If you'd like additional packs of these, please email me and I can share some with you!

Fluent in Five - Year 1 - Week 1.pdf
Fluent in Five - Year 2 - Week 1.pdf

Real Life Maths

For your final week of the Virtual Classroom, our focus in maths will be real life application. You will be given activities which require you to use maths in an everyday life situation. Maths is all around us and it's so important to make connections between what we learn in school and real life contexts.

For your activity today, I would like you to plan a trip somewhere during your summer holidays. You've got plenty of time to do something you enjoy! Work with your adult at home to plan something that your family will enjoy.

  • Think of somewhere you'd like to go or something you would like to do with your days off.
  • Find out as much information as you can about this place. How much does it cost to go? How long is the journey (use google maps)? What can you do there? Have a look at a map. And so on.
  • Use my template to help you plan the day out for your family. Look out for all the maths opportunities involved. Which maths skills do you need to use for this activity?
  • It doesn't need to be expensive - you might decide to go to the beach and have ice-creams. Or you could go to the park and have a picnic - plan your picnic cost and travel time. Maybe you can help with the shopping list and use an online shop like Tesco or Sainsbury's to look up prices.
  • Plan something that works for you and your family's situation.
My Summer Holiday Day Trip Plan.pdf

Some possible ideas...

(Please remember most places require you to book in advance under the current circumstances - check websites to avoid disappointment!)

  • Take a picnic to the park and play ball games
  • Be a nature detective and explore countryside areas near where you live. You can get lots of free activities here
  • Camp in your garden and have a BBQ (plan your food and budget etc)
  • Go for a bike ride with a picnic (or even an ice-cream stop along the way for a treat!)
  • Visit a zoo or farm
  • Visit a National Trust place such as Knole Park and see the deer (check websites for details and booking info)
  • Take a trip to the beach (maybe even have fish and chips for tea!)
  • Go to the cinema

There are so many things you can do, and they don't need to cost lots of money. Think about what you can do and plan accordingly.


For the next two days your English task is to read, enjoy and then learn and perform a poem! And there will be an added challenge tomorrow to write a poem.

Michael Rosen is a children's author and he writes lots of amazing stories and poems. This poem is called 'Don't'.

  • Start by reading the poem out loud.
  • Then, listen to the poem being read by Michael Rosen on the YouTube clip (ask an adult to help you).
  • Talk about any of the words you might not know or understand. E.g. what's confetti?
  • Talk with your adult about the poem. Do you like it? What do you like about it? Is there anything you don't like about it? If there was only one 'do' and one 'don't' rule - what should it be?!
  • Spend some time learning the first part of the poem. You don't have to learn the whole poem if it's too long for you. Start with a small section and see how you get on.
  • Learning poems by heart is part of the National Curriculum, and it's important children experience a range of poems throughout their primary school life. For more poems, check out Michael Rosen's YouTube channel.

Can you upload a video of you reciting some or all of the poem to Class Dojo?

Remember this task lasts two days so you don't need to do it today. Keep practising and then upload your video tomorrow.


Shoebox 'Marvellous Me' Project - Monday and Tuesday Afternoon

You will hopefully have read Mrs Hodges' recent email and website update about our new RSHE curriculum, starting in September. The first term's learning will be focused on the topic 'Being Me in My World'.

For the next couple of days, we would like you to find a shoe box or similar sized box and begin creating a 'Marvellous Me' box.

  • Decorate your box however you like, including your name on the outside somewhere.
  • Put into the box a small selection of things that tell us about you. These could be objects, photos of you/ your family, drawings, lists and so on.
  • Continue to add things over the summer, for example you might add a shell from a trip to the beach or a stick you found on a woodland walk.
  • In September, bring your shoebox into school during the first week.
  • You will be asked to share your box as part of circle time and RSHE learning.
  • This is a fantastic way to get to know your classmates and for your new teachers and TAs to find out more about you. Well-being and building relationships is going to be a big focus on return to school, alongside lots of opportunities to talk.