Monday 15th June

Monday 15th June

Good Morning Everyone! If you aren't returning to school today, don't worry - you can find home learning here!

As always - please remember to just manage what you can and take things at your own pace. There is no expectation that you need to complete absolutely everything, everyday.

Good Morning! Time to get active!

  • Start by doing some warm up exercises like star jumps, jogging on the spot, running on the spot, reaching up the sky and then touching your toes.
  • Work on your stomach muscles by trying the plank challenge!
  • Remember, have a growth mindset and tell yourself 'I can do this!'


This week we will turn our attention in maths to money. I have included the National Curriculum requirements, to make clear the expectations for each year group.


In school this week, Reception will be working on money, so children at home can continue to work on the same learning as in school. Find the coins in the pictures and have a good look at them. Cut out the coins and match them to the right label.

Year 1

Complete the activities below. Prioritise completing the first page, and then complete the others if you want to. Can you find some coins at home to look at? This will help you develop your real life understanding of the different coins.

Year 2

Focus on your understanding of counting in pence. Complete the activities included below. Remember to get some coins out to help you and think carefully about the value of each coin. Also remember to use your times table knowledge of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to support you with this maths topic.


Children in Reception should

  • 'Begin to use everyday language related to money.'

National Curriculum Requirements

Children in Year 1 should

  • 'Recognise and know the value of different denominations of coins and notes'

Children in Year 2 should

  • 'recognise and use symbols for pounds (£) and pence (p); combine amounts to make a particular value
  • find different combinations of coins that equal the same amounts of money
  • solve simple problems in a practical context involving addition and subtraction of money of the same unit, including giving change'

Monday Maths - Recognising Coins.pdf
Y1 Summer Block 5 WO1 Recognising coins 2020.pdf
Year 1
Y2 Autumn Block 3 WO1 Count money - pence 2019.pdf
Year 2


This week is the last official week of Spring in our country. The BBC have recently shown a new series of 'Springwatch' which explores British wildlife in Spring. Our writing unit this week is going to be themed around this, and I hope to give you opportunities to get outside and write about what you find.

Spring in a woodland

Watch one or both of these clips and think about what it would be like if you walked through a woodland.

If you are lucky enough to live near to a woodland area, then go for a walk and complete this activity 'live'!

  • Today you are simply going to collect ideas. Write down things you see or notice, the action happening, the smells and sounds and how the place might make you feel.
  • If you'd like to use my template to record your ideas, you're welcome to! But you can also record your ideas in your home learning book however you like.
  • Use adjectives or adverbs to extend your ideas. For example, consider how the river is moving, what the birds are doing, and how they are doing it. Try to be as descriptive as you can.
  • We will use this collection of ideas for our writing tomorrow.

Parents - I have included a collection of senses word mats to the right, which may help you and your child to think of new ideas and phrases. This will also be useful tomorrow.

Monday - Woodland Walk Ideas.pdf

Reading and Phonics/ Spelling

  • For your reading today, complete the comprehension activities included below. If you find it helpful, read the text aloud to an adult and discuss your answers before writing them down.
  • Spend 10 minutes on Phonics Play or Spelling Shed too if you have time.


Read 'Doing Nothing' on the yellow band of Collins Connect. Complete the activity at the end.

Year 1

Year 1 Reading comp - Monday.pdf

Year 2

Read the leaflet below and then answer the questions to the right.

Animal Antics harvest mice.pdf
Yr2 Harvest Mice_Questions_HA.pdf

Afternoon - Art

In school we learn about the work of famous artists. This is a painting by Monet, called Wood Lane.

1. Have a look at the painting and talk to someone in your house about it.

  • What do you like about the picture?
  • Is there anything you don't like?
  • How does the painting make you feel?
  • What types of colours have been used?
  • What time of year does this depict?
  • What shapes can you see?

2. Can you paint your own woodland picture? Use inspiration from this painting, and also from your writing this morning. You might like to use large paper to give you space to paint!

  • Think about using a pencil to draw some trees, considering the use of line.
  • Choose your colours carefully - what time of year are you hoping to represent? Do you need to choose specific colours?

Mindfulness / Well-Being

Every day we will give you a suggested mindfulness or well-being activity. This is just an idea and is optional.

  • Spend some time thinking about things you are thankful for.
  • Can you create a picture to represent the things you are thankful for?
  • Can you think of 5 positive things that have happened recently or things that you are grateful for and create a list?