Thursday 16th July

Thursday 16th July

Morning everyone! Have a super day and I look forward to seeing your learning later!


You have been reading so much at home in the last few weeks/ months. Today I would like you to think about best book you've read during lockdown and what you loved about it.

Create a book review to share your book with others and to give other people ideas of good books to read in the summer.

  • Take a photo of you holding the book, so we can see you and the front cover.
  • Fill in the template, type a mini review, video yourself recommending the book or create your own poster to review it. Choose the way you'd like to work.
  • Tell us what made this book so appealing or enjoyable. What's the overview of the plot? Don't give away too much though!
  • Draw a picture of the cover of the book (on my template use the rectangle space).
  • Send me your review and your photo. I'll add it to our book recommendations page on the school website!
Book Review.pdf

Reading Together

Today is also 'Reading Together' day. Head over to this website to see a variety of activities you can get involved with.


Each day this week, before you begin your maths activity, can you complete fluency questions? How quickly and accurately can you complete them?

The booklet will be the same for the whole week, just complete one day at a time. These are designed to increase fluency and boost confidence in maths. The answers are included in the booklet. If you'd like additional packs of these, please email me and I can share some with you!

Fluent in Five - Year 1 - Week 1.pdf
Fluent in Five - Year 2 - Week 1.pdf

Real Life Maths

For your final week of the Virtual Classroom, our focus in maths will be real life application. You will be given activities which require you to use maths in an everyday life situation. Maths is all around us and it's so important to make connections between what we learn in school and real life contexts.

There are lots of maths opportunities in science.

Today use the recipe to make a potion! You can use anything to represent each of the ingredients - you may just like to use different coloured water, or use other items in your house.

If you have the ingredients, you might also like to try this science experiment!

Thursday Maths - Potions.pdf


Party Prep! Tomorrow afternoon will be your chance to have an end of year party. This afternoon, PLAN a snack or drink that you'd like to have at the party. You can either make and prepare it today, or decide on an idea today and make it tomorrow afternoon. But have a think about what you'd like for your party tomorrow. Perhaps you'd like to get creative and make decorations.

Perhaps you'd like to make a special drink to celebrate. Try this homemade lemonade recipe (click the picture) or look up one of the other options on BBC Good Food's Kids Party Drink Recipes!

Plan a party food treat.

I am sure you have lots of your own ideas, but if not - check out this link

Find some summer tunes to dance along to and have playing during your celebrations!

Make some decorations! Perhaps you could make some summer themed bunting to brighten up your house or garden!

Art Builders!

This afternoon you can also head over to the Art Builders page on the website to find this week's challenge.


  • Find a comfy, quiet place.
  • Lie back, close your eyes and listen to this calming music.
  • Focus on your breathing, deep breaths in and slow breaths out.