Thursday 4th June

Thursday 4th June

Good Morning Everyone! If you aren't returning to school today, don't worry - you can find home learning here!

As always - please remember to just manage what you can and take things at your own pace. There is no expectation that you need to complete absolutely everything, everyday.

Get Active!

No matter how old you are, this song is always bound to put a smile on your face! Get active today with some singing and dancing. All of the children in KS1 love to join in with this, and whenever Reception do their activities to this song, we find Year 1 and 2 children hovering in the corridor outside our classroom to watch! Join in with this song and get moving! :)


Plot Point 4 - Disaster Strikes!

The next part of the story reads: 'Suddenly a huge dark shape loomed right into the boat's path. The boat turned wildly and as it swept back into the fog... Erin disappeared into the sea unnoticed. She desperately tried to swim up, but the more she tried, the more she sank... until everything went black. A deep and terrifying rumble echoed around her. Black Rock woke up!'

  • Begin with a conjunction such as 'Suddenly'. You might like to try out one of these ideas: Unexpectedly, Without warning, All of a sudden...
  • Write one or two action sentences to explain what happened next (the black shape appeared, the boat turned and Erin ended up in the sea). Challenge yourself to use some interesting verbs.
  • Checking lens - Describe what Erin heard when she stopped sinking. The book describes it as a 'terrifying rumble' - can you think of your own way to describe it?
  • Use the noticing lens to describe the wonderful things Erin saw (translucent glowing jellyfish, huge mustachioed koi carp, anglerfish with lights etc). You can use your imagination here and think of other creatures she might have seen in the ocean. Can you use commas in a list?

Reception and Year 1

If you are in Reception or Year 1, try to write 3 sentences:

1. An action sentence for either the boat turning or Erin falling.

2. A checking/ hearing sentence for what Erin heard.

3. A noticing sentence to describe what she saw.

Phonics/ Spelling

Reception and Year 1 - Spend some time on PhonicsPlay. Choose the Phase you are currently working on. Reception Class we are on Phase 4. Remember to check out our Phonics Ideas page for inspiration if you want to do something practical.

Year 2 - Miss Fittall has set Spelling Shed up for you for the rest of the term. Spend time today working on your spellings.


Year 2 - Spend some time on Read Theory or log on to Collins Connect and read a book. Remember to complete the activity at the end.

Year 1/ R - Log into Collins Connect and read a book of your choice. Remember to complete the activity at the end.


Year 2 and Year 1 - you will find a My Maths activity has been set for you today. Complete this first. Once you've done that, you might like to try one of the activities below.

Year 2

Revise some of the key concepts covered in measure through playing some of these games. Work on reading scales through playing capacity countdown.

Year 1

Revise some of the concepts covered in measure in Year 1 through playing some of these games .


Have a go at this activity, focusing on comparing objects.

Afternoon - Topic

Our whole school focus this term is geography, with a topic of the local area and UK. Each week your topic work will link to this theme.

This week, we will focus on maps of the local area.

1. Watch this clip to find out what we use maps for and how they work.

2.You might like to use google maps to look at aerial views of your area, if you'd like to include things a little further afield from your house. What can you spot?

3. Have look at maps you may have at home, or look at maps of your local area online.

4. Go for a walk around the place you live and create a simple map of your area. Include your house and the things you find around it.

Y2 Challenge: Can you include some symbols in a key to help others understand your map?

Well-being/ Mindfulness

Every day we will give you a suggested mindfulness or well-being activity. This is just an idea and is optional.

Nature Walk - Incorporate this into your map walk!

Spend time going for a walk in the great outdoors! Walking, or just spending time outside, is essential for our well-being.

You might just like to walk and enjoy the world around you. However, if you like having a focus to your walk - can you find the things included on this list whilst you are out and about?