Wednesday 17th June

Wednesday 17th June

Good Morning Everyone! If you aren't returning to school today, don't worry - you can find home learning here!

As always - please remember to just manage what you can and take things at your own pace. There is no expectation that you need to complete absolutely everything, everyday.

Good Morning!

You might like to continue with your daily online workouts such as Joe Wicks. However, you might like to try something different today!

Can you do the daily mile?

Perhaps you can run laps of your garden or local area, or if you have adults who enjoy running - can you go for a run with them?

Make sure you stay hydrated if it is hot! And remember to warm up/ cool down.


We are continuing to work on our understanding of money.

Please find below differentiated activities for each year group.

Reception Follow the link to play this game. Select '1p (Up to 10p). Can you pay for the toys using the exact number of coins?
Y1 Summer Block 5 WO3 Counting in coins 2020.pdf
Year 1 Today's activity builds on recognition of coins and moves into addition of the different coins. Tomorrow we will use this in a practical context, including some role play.
Y2 Autumn Block 3 WO4 Select money 2019.pdf
Year 2 Today's activity is quite self-explanatory. Remember to use practical equipment to help you if you need it, or draw tens and ones to support your understanding of the value of coins.

Writing - Birds

Today I would like you to begin by going outside and listening out for birdsong. There is so much happening in the natural world with our birds! They are busy singing, collecting food and taking care of the eggs and babies in their nests.

  • Can you spot some different birds? You might like to take this garden bird spotter sheet with you.
  • Can you hear different birds singing?
  • Can you take a photo of the birds you see (you'll have to be super quiet!)?
  • Can you spot any nests?

Choose one garden bird to focus on for your writing. It might be a bird you have seen in your garden or local area, or you might pick one you haven't spotted yet.

Wednesday template - bird ideas.pdf


Complete the allocated reading activity for today by clicking on the book cover linked to your class.


Read Bad Bat on Red B. Why is the book called Bad Bat? Complete the activities at the end. Can you draw your favourite part of the story?

Year 1

Year 2

Afternoon - Science

Last week we learnt about what animals need to survive. We looks at their environment and how it provides for their needs. Humans also need certain things to survive and life a healthy life.

1. Watch the lesson about what humans need to stay healthy.

2. Complete the quiz at the end to check your understanding.

3. Create a poster to explain how to have a healthy lifestyle. Or, if you'd prefer something more active, can you create your own exercise video to help someone keep active?


Every day we will give you a suggested mindfulness or well-being activity. This is just an idea and is optional.

  • Enjoy a mindful moments video from Springwatch.
  • You can find other similar clips on their website.