Thursday 16th July

Good Morning Key Stage 2!

Get yourself warmed up for the day.

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Today is Reading Together Day.

Head over to for the days highlights.

Most of the activities are either hosted through Twitter, YouTube or Zoom.

End of term party planning

As we are very close to the end of term, we would like you to plan an 'end of term party'.

Your task is to write a recipe for the following:

  • a special party drink
  • a savoury treat
  • a sweet treat

Remember - this is your party, so your recipes can include whatever you want (as long as your adult gives you permission).

Today I would like you to write your recipes... tomorrow, you get to follow your recipes and make your party food!


If you haven't already finished the holiday activity, spend some time today completing that.

If you have, budget your recipes. Use a supermarket website and work out how much your ingredients will cost. Make sure you work out the total. With your adult's permission, go to the shop and buy the ingredients for your end of term party. Use notes and coins and work out exactly which ones you will need to use to pay for your ingredients.


This afternoon's activity is on here instead of Class Dojo as there are a lot of links.

Spend your afternoon singing and dancing. Two of the songs that I have chosen, not only have lyrics and a melody for you to learn but you can also learn the signs to sign as you sing. Send a video on Class Dojo to show off your singing and signing.