Tuesday 30th June

Good Morning Key Stage 2!

It looks like you had lots of fun yesterday. I have put some of the pictures of your science investigations up onto the virtual classroom. Start the day in an active way with a song and a dance.

Home Learning Timetable.pdf

Today is Art Builders Day

Today you need to follow the link to find the information about your first ever Art Builders Challenge.

How many challenges can you complete? I would love to see the finished products.

Have fun!

Can you make an entire bouquet?

If you have time and want to do a bit more today...

English - Writing

Transition Project

This week your writing is going to be a little bit different. You are going to work on a fact file, adding new information each day, to give to your new teacher for September. This fact file is the perfect opportunity for you to tell your new teacher a little bit more about you!

Hopefully this will be an enjoyable activity and will give you a break from our usual writing routine.I have included a template to guide you however if possible, create your fact file in your own style, without using the template. You might like to use this as an opportunity to be creative! Finished fact files will not be published on the website, but given to the next class teacher of each child.

If you are in Year 6, why not use this time to create a book of memories about your time at East Farleigh.

There will be further information on transition from Mr Rivers soon.

A Fact File All About Me.pdf


I would like you to write a detailed paragraph all about your hobbies and things that interest you. Draw a picture of your hobby or better yet, stick in a photograph.


Here is a maths based flower problem. Have a go.

Don't forget to log on to TTRS - try to beat your score.

English - Reading

Following the growing theme, if you are Year 3 or 4, either use the QR code or follow the link to be taken to 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons'.

Year 5 and 6, either use the QR code or follow the link.

English - Spelling

If you have a game of scrabble, use the letters to build your spelling words. If not, write each letter of the alphabet on a post it note or slip of paper and build your spellings. Time yourself, can you beat your time?