Tuesday 7th July

Good Morning Key Stage 2!

As always remember that the work on here is just a guide. You don't have to complete it all, just complete the work that you can manage.

English - Writing

Plot Point 2 - Investigating 'the thing'.


You are going to use three technical terms using adjectives to describe them.

Use the skill of portmanteau. This means to blend the meanings of two words together, e.g. brunch (breakfast/lunch), podcast (ipod/broadcast)

Use the skill of kennings. This means to use a two-word phrase rather than a noun, e.g. bone-house (body), whale-road (sea)

I am going to give you a phrase that I would like your writing to begin with today, we will then work at extending your writing on from there. Copy the phrase below into your home learning book. Use a dictionary to research the meaning of any words you don't understand.

I took the lost thing over to Pete’s place. Pete has an opinion on just about everything. He believes that all physical manifestations can be identified empirically, through careful observation, calibrated measurement and controlled experimentation.

English - Reading

Today I would like you to log onto Class Dojo and record yourself reading a chapter of your reading book.


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