Year 5

Guess what!

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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good Morning Year 5,

It's nearly the start of the Easter holidays but before we all take a break for a couple of weeks there is one last day of work.

I can almost hear the groans! It's all fun things - I promise - for our last day of term.

Let's have a quick look at who topped the score boards today:

  • Read Theory: Harry you are our top scorer and will get an extra dojo on top of the one that everyone will get if they had a go today.
  • My Maths: Everyone who had a go will collect a dojo point.
  • Spelling Shed: Poppy you have the top scorer for today, well done, an extra dojo to you, including one for everyone who has had a go.

So, when you read your Topic for today, it is also your home work for the school holidays. I hope you enjoy it and maybe someone else in your household would like to join in and make a journal and calendar too - spread the happiness.

Happy Easter, I miss you all.

Best wishes

Mrs Albert

Egg-cellent work !

I'm no eggs-pert but this looks awesome Poppy!

Martha's eggs-ceedingly good RE

This looks eggs-tra special, well done Finley.



We are all really familiar with the lenses we use for writing in school, and many of us are experts at sentence stacking too. Now it's time to join in with Jane and show your mums and dads what amazing writers you are - they can even join in too!

Super Sentence Stacking

with Jane Considine, author of The Write Stuff


Click on the picture of Jane to join her YouTube channel and take part in her super sentence stacking lessons every morning at 9:45am

If you want to do more or can't access YouTube...

  • Spend at least 10 minutes practicing your spellings on Spelling Shed.
  • Today I would like you to write instructions for; How to follow an Easter Egg hunt
  • Your 'Easter Eggs' can be drawn on paper. On the back of each one write a clue on how to get to the next clue. Use the map of where your hunt takes place, for example, your garden, your bedroom, your living room, wherever you choose to do it. I would do no more than 6 clues. You can test it out on any member of your family. Help them with reading the instructions if they are very young.
  • Remember to include:
  • an introduction (Have your ever been on an Easter Egg Hunt and found no eggs at all? Has young heart sunk, like an Easter Egg made of lead?... )
  • Equipment: Clear map with co-ordinates, Easter Eggs...
  • Method: First,... Then,...Meanwhile, ...
  • Use interesting verbs - NO get :( Try: check, peer, gaze...
  • Use a range of conjunctions: although, despite, meanwhile, as a result of...
  • Write a conclusion: A word of warning....A top tip....Most importantly...HAVE FUN!
  • Use dashes and brackets to add extra detail.



  • Log on to MyMaths and complete the daily task. Don't forget to click 'check' so that your work is marked. If you score less that 80%, have another go! Remember you can repeat the activity as many times as you need.
  • Spend 20 minutes practising your times tables on times tables rockstars -if it is not accessible, please complete a test from your homework book - I shall continue to give out dojo point to everyone who has a go at my maths each day.
  • Alternatively, if you would like a break from MyMaths today why not try this Easter puzzle:

What is the correct order of the pictures? Write your own reasoning question for your friend. I shall post the answer the first day of Term 5.


Rescued document 6.doc

Your topic work is also work for you to complete over the Easter holidays, so please do not worry about getting it all finished in one go. I would like you to keep a journal of things that make you happy. It's going to be called 'The 10 Keys to happiness'.

If you could present it as a double page spread, using the attached document as a template (above to the right) for what should go in each section. One side will be giving, relating, exercising, awareness and trying out, the other page will be direction, resilience, emotions, acceptance and meaning. I would say the best way to tackle this is to reflect for a few minutes each day on 2 or 3 or the 'keys'. You can add to it over a week to give you time to practice things that make you happy but also to allow yourself some thinking time.

Once you have completed your double page spread that can include writing, poems, pictures, drawings, photos, magazines cuttings, colours, paintings or anything that helps you to explain each section really. You then move onto the happiness calendar.

I would like you to create your own happiness calendar. You could back date it from 1st April or make one from 1st May. Either way, you will reflect on your journal to help you complete the calendar, so that everyday you have something to feel happy about. You can draw one out in your exercise book or print one. There is a template one below, just so you can see the types of things your can include on it but it must reflect you, if it doesn't make you happy to sit and write a list of things you are grateful for, then don't include it.

Don't worry about getting it wrong or right, it's all about reflecting on your happiness - not being worried if you're doing it correctly. I'm looking forward to seeing a whole range of results.

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a great day yesterday and from the work you sent me I can see that you've all been working so hard. Keep up the excellent effort - I know it's not always easy but it will be worth it.

Let's see the results of our top scorers for yesterday:

  • Read Theory - the winner today is Zack ! Well done. Everyone gets a dojo who took part today, and Zack gets one extra.
  • My Maths - Everyone who had a go today will get 1 dojo point each.
  • Spelling Shed - Harry has topped the score board today and gets an extra dojo point on top of the one all of you get for taking part today.

If you get stuck on any of your maths please just let me know and I will do as much as I can to help support you.

Have a lovely day.

Best wishes

Mrs Albert

Good effort Beth

Evie's unique football poem

Inspired writing




Please complete your double page spread about what happened after the crucifixion of Jesus.

Good Friday marks the day on which Christians around the world commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The religious observance takes place during Holy Week, a couple of days before Easter Sunday.

Please could you research, using safe search sites such as or Good Friday onwards, to explain what the significance is to Christians, what happened on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning Year 5,

I hope you all had a good weekend and were able to grab some fresh air at some point.

I went for a short walk (it hailed, snowed, rained and then was very sunny all in the space of half an hour!)

On Friday, I hope you all caught the fantastic assembly / news report Mrs Clark and Mr Rivers published on the school website - I think you will agree they did a marvellous job (I can't wait to see the next one!).

James L won our Read Theory for Friday - well done - 1 dojo point to you :)

Everyone who completed my maths will be given, as always, 1 dojo point and individual feedback is left.

Harry won Friday's spelling shed with the highest score - congratulations :)

Please find below the time table for today's learning.

Best wishes

Mrs Albert

Detailed description of peacock life cycle

Perfect penguin life cycle

Check our class website gallery for more of your brilliant work.

Brilliant buzzard life cycle




These examples are of double page spreads, but unfortunately I could not find one about Easter. However, they are there to give you inspiration in terms of presentation. A good mixture of pictures, writing, flaps perhaps, it really is your choice. Just remember, this is a two day project so don't rush to finish in an afternoon.

Friday 27th March 2020

Good Morning Class 5,

So we have reached the end of our first week of home schooling. Well done to each of you for working hard and keeping focused and a huge thank you to your grown ups at home who have supported you.

Don't forget to check the gallery out on our class page for more photos and videos - especially the exercise ones!

So our winner yesterday for Read Theory was...James L ! A huge achievement James - congratulations. A very close 2nd was a tie between Jessica, Zack, Evie, Holly and Poppy. So 1 dojo point to you all and 1 extra for James.

Well done to all the mymaths work completed - I shall leave you each feedback and 1 dojo point on the website.

We have had some super spellers in the class yesterday: Sam, Poppy, Evie, Martha, Holly, Joshua C, Kitty and Beth but the over all winner was Oliver. Everyone who had a go will get a dojo point, 1 extra for Oliver. As a class we were top in the school again year 5!

One quick message: TT Rockstars has been unpredictable this week. Please don't worry, I have set you enough work to cover your maths practice by logging onto mymaths and also having a go at one of the tests in your homework book.

Have a great Friday everyone and to quote Dr Seuss 'why fit in when you were born to stand out!'

Best wishes

Mrs Albert

Brilliant bouncing

Working wonderfully to record all the different steps

Marvellous Multi-skills

An amazing obstacle course

Stretch before exercising

Taking time to test the routine out

Intriguing instructions




For our Topic work today I would like you to finish off our life cycle Science unit. Please could you research, using safe search sites such as or the life cycle of a bird (your choice: penguin, robin, puffin, emu or any other bird you like). Birds are fairly simple so to add some further challenge I would like you to complete a glossary of technical words, include pictures, a diagram, explanation of the habitat they live in, food they eat, parental guidance they have, gestation, size of the birds at different parts of its life cycle and what effect climate change is having on the population of the bird you have chosen. Now, that is quite a lot to research, but you all did this so brilliantly in class - every week - so I have high hopes of the work you complete today :)

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning Year 5,

You have sent so many amazing examples of your work through I have been busy updating our class page, so please check it out as you will get to see all your friends and the work they have done.

As I was looking through the spelling shed results today, I was amazed at Martha and Oliver's results...then I saw Poppy's results...then I saw Sofia's results. Incredible effort -well done. You have all been working so hard through the spellings, I am going to award you all a dojo for amazing effort,extra 1 dojo for a top scorers. I'm so proud of you all class 5 - we are top in the school today!

Your my maths results are very promising, remember to keep trying for that 80% but if you are finding it tricky after 3 or 4 tries, write down what you are finding a challenge and let me know, I will try to help you :)

James L has again been working hard and recorded the highest score on Read Theory, very closely followed by Zack. So a dojo point to everyone who had a go and an extra one for James and Zack.

2 reminders:

  • If you can not access TT Rockstars please do one of the tests from your maths homework book.
  • If you can not access Jane Considine's online lesson there is always the biome paragraph set everyday.

Have a great day, and to quote A A Milne (author of Winnie the Pooh) 'You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.'

Best wishes

Mrs Albert

Beautiful flowers

Helping to get supplies

Making delicious soup

Some of the excellent art work you have sent in.




PE afternoon

Today I would like you to create an outside game that you could play either individually or as a group. If you already play a sport you may wish to adapt that, netball, hockey, basketball, trampolining or football for example. Don't worry about equipment, you can always improvise (but no jumping up and down on your beds as a trampoline). Practice your game, consider what makes it engaging and what could be improved. Are there any rules to follow? Is there a scoring system? Could you create an easier version (for me ) or a tricky version if someone is particularly good at that sport. For those of you who may find this a bit of challenge why not try to create a short exercise rountine like Joe Wicks, or short dance routine to your favourite music. Are you able to teach someone in your home how to do it?

(I have been practicing my goal keeping at breaktimes, in the school playground - I need to practice a lot more - any tips?)

Over the coming weeks, Young Voices will be offering a number of online tutorials, sing alongs and other goodies featuring the Young Voices team.

Keep an eye out for a link to sing along with Craig McLeish (director of the Young Voices choir) tomorrow morning. I will post the link as soon as it is live! Happy singing. Mrs Clark

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good Morning Everyone!

Once again, thank you so much for all your lovely emails with examples of the work you have done today. I have started to post some of them on the class 5 link on our website as there were just too many wonderful pieces of work to see (and I thought you'd quite like to share your work with your friends as well).

A quick mention to William, Poppy, Holly and Oliver who have made the most delicious looking smoothies. Also, well done Zack, that truly was a fantastic piece of writing.

I have checked the my maths board (don't forget to click check and log out properly otherwise it doesn't register that you've been on), you have all been extremely busy so I have awarded 1 dojo point to all those that I can see have been on today.

James L, for a second day in a row you have topped the Read Theory chart, although Jessica, William, Holly and Evie were not far behind. A dojo point is awarded to you all today and an extra one for James.

Having a look at spelling shed, I was very impressed with Beth, Holly, Joshua C, Ruby and Sofia but Martha topped it with a huge score today. 1 dojo point shall be awarded to you all and an extra one for Martha.

I know some of you have had problems with your logins for Times Tables Rock Stars. Don't worry, have a go at one of the Maths tests from the homework book if that is the case.

Below is today's timetable. Have a great day and make the most of the sunshine in the garden.

Best wishes

Mrs Albert

Well done




Today the sun is shining (although it's a little chilly)and I would like you to use your garden / window box / plant pot, to inspire you to draw or paint. You may decide to draw some flowers up close as a still life picture in pencil. Or, you may decide to sit and paint. Your imagination is the only limit - but do try to use the skills we practiced when we drew and painted Thor, during our pop art unit. You could take inspiration from a famous artist, such as Kandinsky, or Roy Lichenstein and do a pop art style picture. It could also be an orignal, by you :)

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Morning Everyone!

What a great first day so many of you had. Thank you for all your lovely emails and examples of your hard work and effort. Quick mention to Oliver, Sam, Joshua G, Kitty, Holly and Harry who all sent photos in to keep me updated - well done.

I have awarded everyone who attempted my maths and spelling shed yesterday with a dojo point. Well done to Kitty and Oliver who get an extra one each for coming top of the spelling shed leader board in our class. Who will be top of the leader board today?

In additon, Jessica and James L topped the Read Theory quiz - an extra dojo point has been added for you both as well. Keep up the hard work.

Below is today's timetable. Have a great day - stay safe and healthy.

Best wishes

Mrs Albert

Helping neighbours and running a cafe.


What's the story about? In this Audible Original that's full of both humor and heart, a madcap gang of bold kid crusaders set off on an unforgettable adventure to thwart wrongdoers in their neighbourhood.



Today is smoothie day and you shall be completing your DT project. If you have limited amounts of fruit (I only have apples at home or orange juice) try to adapt your smoothie recipe with maybe just one fruit but add in some yogurt, or milk, or even ice-cream. Mash the fruit up first (like a banana for example) or use fruit juice (orange or apple juice perhaps), then any other ingredients you have on your list.

Let me know how it tastes. Ask your family to bravely have a taste and give you feedback.

The evaluation is on the back page of the booklet. Good luck.

Monday 23rd March 2020

Morning Guys !

Hope you all had a happy, healthy weekend and are ready for our week ahead. (Evie, I hope you had a great birthday party at the ice-rink )

Here is today's learning timetable:

I will be looking out for those of you who are completing the different tasks and will award DoJo points at the end of the day - I will share who has earned points with you in the morning!



  • Log on to MyMaths and complete the daily task. Don't forget to click 'check' so that your work is marked. If you score less that 80%, have another go! Remember you can repeat the activity as many times as you need.
  • Spend 20 minutes practising your times tables on times tables rockstars - I will announce the winner at the end of the week.


Design and Technology

  • Complete the next 3 pages in your DT booklet for your fruit smoothie.
  • Draw your 4 designs, choosing different fruits depending on what your research informed you.
  • Challenge: create the packaging for each smoothie and colour in if your have colouring pencils.