Steam Club enriches and ignites children's excitement. It engages new interests, through more imaginative and inventive collaboration between science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

Floating Fruit

We predicted then tested which fruits floated to determine their density and buoyancy.

Spaghetti Towers

We experimented with shapes to find the most stable structure to support our Farleigh Bear.


Could we make a square, triangle, trapezium, rhombus and rectangle? Some were easier to do then others!

Binary Bracelets and Film Making

By creating our names in binary code, we were then able to transfer this pattern to a beaded bracelet.

Careful planning was needed with our storyboards to capture all the shots needed for our information films. We used different angles, panned, tilted and zoomed to explain how to draw step by step, make a Lego model and a tour of the classroom.