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Resources to boost your child's wellbeing during COVID 19

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Place 2 Be

Improving children's mental health

With many children not in school due to coronavirus (COVID-19), some parents and carers may be looking for activities to try at home with their children.

Please have a look at the below link which has a list of recommended resources for families from some of our trusted partner organisations. There are some wonderful ideas for you to get inspired by.

Need impartial support?

Worried about your child's mental health?

You will find in the pages below some tips and help line numbers offering support, please remember that you are not alone - we are always here to help.

Everybody Worries

A beautifully illustrated e-book on any child that may be worried about Coronavirus.

Copy of Mental Health Awareness.pdf
Mental Health Awareness info.pdf

Nip it in the bud!

Establishing an open, ongoing and non-judgemental dialogue can help your child understand their own mental health and that of others. It can also help end any stigma or preconceptions they may have.


BBC have been showing their programme Springwatch over the last couple of weeks. They've introduced a new part of the programme, which is about mindfulness and nature. They have released three British wildlife episodes, with no narration or music, as a way of encouraging mindfulness and connection to nature. Each clip is 90 seconds long.

I hope you enjoy (-:

More mindfulness/wellbeing activities can be found on our weekly newsletters!