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The School's Council is an ideal opportunity for pupils to get more involved in the way the school is run. It benefits the whole school community because it provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings as well as influence decisions that are made within school. 

Through our School Council, children develop skills such as confidence, communication and negotiation. It is the responsibility of each Councillor to ensure that they express both their own views and the views of all the other pupils they represent.

Members of the Council take part in discussions and votes and also feedback any relevant information to their class. At times they are requested to ask their class for ideas or take class votes relating to discussions by the Council. Members meet regularly with the Headteacher.

Our School Councillors 








We are the voice of the students and our aims are:

Membership and Elections

We have an active School Council with boys and girls representing their fellow pupils from Year 1 to Year 6. Each councillor is elected by their classmates at the beginning of the school year. Any pupils of East Farleigh Primary School can put themselves forward to be elected democratically. 

Code of Conduct

Roles of the School Council Members

All members of the school council have a duty to report back any information they discuss to their classes. They must also make sure they represent the views of every child in their own classes by sharing them at school council, this is recorded in their school council book.

Chairperson: The Chairperson runs the meetings. First, they read through the last meeting’s minutes to check they are a true reflection of what happened; if all members agree, the minutes are signed. The chair then forms and shares the meeting’s agenda with the school council and works through this.

Vice Chair Person: The Vice Chairperson needs to be prepared to lead the meeting if the Chair is absent. They also support the Chairperson in their role, when required. When the minutes have been signed, the Vice Chair takes them to the office to be filed.

Secretary: The secretary takes notes (minutes) in all meetings and ensures there are enough copies to be looked at for the next meeting. It is also their job to do the register.

Treasurer: The treasurer records any money raised, donated or spent for the school council.

Alerting Team: The alerting team ensures that all children are aware when school council will take place.

Committee members: These members listen to the Chairperson and contribute their own and the ideas of their class and vote for any ideas put forward.

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