Headteacher's Welcome

A very warm welcome to the East Farleigh Primary School website.   Whilst the website is always evolving, it can never replace the experience of visiting us.  If you would like to arrange a visit, need to know more, or are interested in supporting our children's learning, please contact us.

Our community

East Farleigh Primary School, a small, single-form entry for pupils aged 4-11, is part of the village community within the beautiful Kent countryside. Our sense of community starts within the school and extends out to the partnership between home and school. We know active support from parents and carers is vital in progressing every child's education. We deeply value interest and support from our community. The school’s  team-work is embedded into our relationships with home life, the local community and the other schools in the surrounding area. 

Our point of view on learning 

We know East Farleigh Primary school children will face a radically different future. To provide a solid foundation for future success and wellbeing, children need to be curious about learning and value it, in order to promote life long learning. We strive to provide a broad ‘ceiling-less’ curriculum, that provides the opportunity to experience investing in and gaining from enjoying learning. 

The Headteacher’s role

I became Headteacher in January 2023. My goal is to continue to build on the school’s admirable heritage, which drove me to take on the role, whilst not standing still. My interests in future education, future work, and inclusion and diversity, will drive my own work at East Farleigh, supported by the School Governors.

I look forward to welcoming every child to East Farleigh and providing the environment for them to engage in exciting learning that is empowering.

Kind regards

Peter Goodman

BSc (Hons), MSc, NPQEL

History of East Farleigh Primary School

A school was first established in East Farleigh in Lower Road about 1845.  This dame school was superseded in 1870 by a new school built by the Church.  A second storey was added in 1885.  In 1936, a wooden building was erected on the present site but a fire destroyed this on Coronation Night in 1953.  The school log books were destroyed in the blaze.  The school moved back to the Victorian school near the church, until the current building opened in 1956, the concrete phoenix on the wall symbolising rebirth. 

In 2003 the school undertook extensive building work. Three new purpose-built infant classrooms and an ICT suite - now repurposed as a new library - were added to the building. This has enabled the school to develop additional teaching areas, a library and refurbish all other classrooms and facilities.

The present building has seven modern classrooms, a beautiful library, an exciting outdoor environment and a spacious hall with its own kitchen. All classrooms are equipped with the latest ICT, including interactive teaching boards, visualisers and access to Chromebook computers and tablets.  The school is set in very pleasant surroundings next to a large playing field used by the school for various sports.