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Primary school places

You must apply for a primary school place if:

  • your child is due to start primary or infant school (reception year)

  • your child is at infant school (year 2) and is due to start junior school (year 3)

  • your child is at primary school (year 2) and you want your child to move to junior school at the start of year 3

Move from a different school to East Farleigh

If your child is at primary or junior school and you want to move them to a different school, you need to apply. This is called an in-year admission.

There is no guarantee that your preferred school/s will be able to offer your child a place. You should not remove your child from their current school before you have an offer of a place at another school.

You need to apply for an in-year admission if you want to move your child from:

  • a primary school to a different primary school

  • a primary school to an infant or junior school

  • an infant school to a different infant school

  • an infant school to a primary school

  • (schools will start processing in-year applications for year 3 places from 1 July 2015)

  • a junior school to a different junior school

  • a junior school to a primary school

  • a secondary school to a different secondary school.

You do not need to apply for an in-year admission if your child is:

Guidance taken from the Kent County Council Website 2018

Starting school at East Farleigh

Even for a young child who has regularly attended Playgroup or Nursery, starting school is very different. We try to smooth the transition as much as possible through our contact with the local Playgroups and Nursery Schools, and by giving new entrants several sessions in the reception class in the term before they are due to start. This gives the children the opportunity to get to know the class teacher and some of the children who will be their classmates.

We also arrange a meeting for parents of new entrants, which gives them the opportunity to meet and talk to the Reception class staff. Home visits are also arranged in the first few days before your child starts school.

All reception children can enter school in the September following their Fourth birthday. Parents of younger children (April to August birthdays) may defer entry to later within the same academic year if they wish.

Starting school for the first time brings with it new routines, social situations and experiences. It is a great help, particularly to the children’s confidence, if, by the time they start school, they are able to:

  • Go to the toilet without assistance

  • Use a knife, fork and spoon

  • Dress and undress themselves

  • Understand and obey simple verbal instructions

On the first day of school it would be useful for you to bring your child into school and for them to have:

  • PE kit

  • A lunchbox, (if they are having packed lunch)

  • Wellington boots and waterproof clothing (if possible an “all-in-one suit”)

It is not a good idea to bring precious toys to school as they may be lost or broken.

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