School Uniform

Things You Will Need

You don’t need to bring lots of things to school. You only need a few things each day.

Things you need every day:

A Book Bag

You don’t need a big rucksack or other bag. This is where you can keep your reading books and spare clothes.

A Drinks Bottle

This must be filled with water only and be clearly labelled with your name. We provide water throughout the day in our classroom, so this is not compulsory.

A Lunch Box

If you’re having packed lunch, then you need to bring a packed lunch box filled with healthy food.

School Uniform

Your school uniform should include:

· A green jumper or cardigan

· A white polo shirt or shirt

· Grey shorts/trousers or pinafore/skirt

· A green summer dress (optional)

· Grey socks or tights

· Black school shoes (no trainers)

You will need to bring a coat to school every day.

We go outside in all types of weather so we recommend you bring a nice warm coat in the winter and a light, rain jacket in the summer.

Outdoor wear:

In the EYFS we spend a lot of time outdoors, all year round. We also do a lot of messy/muddy/wet play. To protect your lovely new school uniform, we request that you send your child in with:

· A pair of wellies

· A puddle suit

We recommend that these are left in school all year.

  • Your PE kit should include:

  • A green PE t-shirt

  • Black coloured shorts

  • Black plimsolls and trainers

And in winter months:

  • A dark coloured sweatshirt or zip up jumper

  • Dark coloured tracksuit bottoms

  • Socks to change into if wearing tights with school uniform

We advise in the first term (Sept-Dec) you only send a PE top, shorts and plimsolls in your child’s PE kit. It can be very daunting for a child getting ready for PE so we like to make things as easy as possible for them.

Miss Vickery will keep you updated with what type of PE we will be doing each term (indoors/outdoors) so that you can pack the appropriate clothing for your child.