A Mastery Approach

A Mastery Approach To Maths

What is teaching for mastery?

A mastery approach to maths is underpinned by five 'big ideas'.

These are:

Coherence - lessons are broken down into small, connected steps, provided access in lessons for all children, no matter their ability. These small steps allow mathematical concepts to be applied in a range of contexts.

Representation and Structure - all concepts in lessons are represented in three ways, using concrete manipulatives, visual representations and then abstract.

Mathematical Thinking - for children to truly understand new mathematical concepts, they must work on the concept themselves; thought about, reasoned and discussed.

Fluency - quick and efficient recall of facts is vital. Every lesson starts with an arithmetic type activity to practice these skills. This may be written arithmetic, numeracy ninjas, in the style of a classroom game or interactive activity on the whiteboard.

Variation - children are shown the same mathematical concept approached in several different ways, this is to develop a deep and holistic understanding.