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Our latest update

Zak in Year 2 planted some seeds at the beginning of the lockdown and today picked all of this! What a fantastic idea Zak!

Term 6: Week 3

Along with the silliness you have come to expect from our weekly update, there is some important information about a home / school sports day. Miss Fittall has designed a number of fun sports events that everyone can take part in using... socks! For more information, please take a look on the PE page which can be found by clicking on the link below.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mr Rivers :-)

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Weekly update

Term 6: Week 2

This week's update includes a new challenge for you. I will be busy working on an example over the weekend, so make sure you check back here next week to see what I'd like you to do. I will be using some of the 'Draw with Rob' challenge techniques for inspiration.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mr Rivers :-)

Chicken (Fun) Run

The chickens are safe and well. They are a little bit different to the other chickens who live there though. They are much tamer! They follow people around all the time on the farm – maybe they are looking for a cuddle. They wander right up to the farm house some days. The other farm chickens don’t do this and always run away from the humans! One of them has worked out where the food sack is kept and she was found sitting right in it munching away.

Some of the farm workers have run into a spot of bother with the East Farleigh chickens.

A few weeks ago, one of the team left his van door open while he loaded up. Once he was loaded, off he set for work at a different farm. On this particular day, they were fixing the electricity cables on the pylons! A big job. When he got there and opened his van, who should jump out and start following him around? A school chicken! He doesn’t know which one because he didn’t look at the band colour so we’re not sure which naughty chicken it was….

Anyway, the chicken wasn’t allowed to stay for the day to work so he had to drive back to Roundoak to drop the chicken off… and then because chickens aren’t toilet trained… he had to clean out all of his van. The chicken wasn’t bothered in the slightest at the adventure. Now everyone on the farm has to check that they haven’t got a stow-away chicken when they leave.

If you want to see some more pictures of the farm where they are staying, visit

Term 6: Our first update of the term!

Term 6 - Week 1.mp4

Letter of permission as referenced in the newsletter. Please complete and return this to us as soon as possible.

Weekly roundup.mp4

Happy half term from us all at East Farleigh! :-)

Weekly roundup

Friday 22nd May

There will be further updates and videos added to the website over the next few days so watch this space!

Hannah has been inspired to create this wonderful cardboard sculpture of our school - it's lovely to see how imaginative you all are. Well done Hannah :-)

East Farleigh News Update

Friday 15th May 2020

Can you spot a familiar friend in this week's news feature?

Also, which of the cats from the previous week's newsletter makes an appearance - can you remember their name?

EF News - Friday 15th May.MP4

Shed on the move

All sorts of things happen with the school is closed and the lane is quiet...

A huge thank you to the Woodhead family for dismantling and removing one of our unwanted sheds. We have some exciting plans in the pipeline for our school which I look forward to share with you soon.

East Farleigh Update (01.05.20)

Hello everyone!

This week's silly update features some new furry friends that you will be finding out more about in the weeks to come. Can you keep count of how many there are altogether?

We hope our silly antics give you a chuckle whilst you are at home.

Have a wonderful weekend; take care and stay safe.

Mr Rivers and all at East Farleigh :-)

East Farleigh Update.MP4

We like to celebrate your achievements outside of school too, so...

A big well done to Katherine in Year 2 for learning to ride her bike without stabilisers in just one week by practising every day :-)

EF News at 4.mp4

Hello everyone!

Here is your news update for this week - I hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it. - just a little something to make you smile. Do make sure you listen until the end to hear about my challenge for you next week - this one is for the whole school to get involved in.

Remember to be kind, and don't forget to say a big thank you to all those people who are helping you with your home learning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Rivers :-)

Sewing Scrubs for the NHS

Well done Jack in Year 3 for helping the NHS by making your own scrubs - I am sure they will love the funky fabric you have chosen!

#keep dancing challenge.mp4

You will need to access the video tutorial using the following link:

Please email your videos (in MP4 format) to:

Your dance moves don't have to be perfect - I will be looking to freestyle my way through. Be creative and have fun! I can't wait to see what you all come up with :-)

EF News Update - V2.mp4

End of term update

Augustus and His Smile Complete Story.pdf

A shared story written by Reception Class

Farleigh in Bloom have asked us to share the butterfly and bee projects as something the children might like to complete over the Easter break.

farleigh school butterfly project.pdf
farleigh school bee project.pdf
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