Virtual Tour

Our Classroom

Our classroom is a natural, calm and organised environment. There are so many exciting things to explore!

The Areas within Our Classroom

There are lots of fun and exciting areas in our classroom that you can explore. These are constantly evolving with the interests of our children and we are always looking to enhance them. All of these will aid different areas of your learning throughout your time in the EYFS. Here are a few pictures of our current areas...


Role Play



Other areas in our classroom/outdoor area include: Reading, Small World, Writing, Sand and Water play, Messy play and more!

Each area will have different activities based on our current topic of learning and children’s individual interests.

Our Outdoor Area

Our outside area has just been redeveloped. It’s been so exciting and there are lots of new things for you to enjoy.

Things will look a little different when you arrive but that’s just because we are adding lots of new fun things for you to do!

Other Areas

These are our toilets; they are within our classroom and just for us.

This is the area outside our classroom and where you will hang your coat and PE kit. Your peg will have your name on it.

This is our school playground, including a new trim trail to help you develop balance and co-ordination.

This is the school hall. It is where you will have your lunch and do PE. We will go to lunch before the rest of the school so that we can get our food and get settled before it gets busy. There are lots of friendly adults in the hall to help you get your school lunch or help you with your packed lunch.