Purpose, Vision and Values

Engage. Excite. Empower.

Engaging, exciting and empowering lifelong learners through a creative, mastery-based curriculum

Our curriculum is centred around developing the whole child: from their head, to their heart, to their hand.

Our Purpose:

We believe that education provides a route to empowering children to have the resilience and moral character to overcome challenges and succeed. We aim to provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment that exposes children to the best that has been thought and said, instilling in them a love of knowledge and culture that will lead them to become positive contributors to the society in which they live.

Our Vision:

  • Deliver a creative curriculum which instils the value of knowledge and skills, inspiring a love of learning.

  • Ensure leaders drive continuous improvement through effective decision-making based on current research and best practice.

  • Maximise opportunities to work with local, National and global partners to equip our children to be confident and courageous citizens

  • Provide a safe, inclusive environment that fosters openness and independence, celebrating diversity and promoting equality.

  • Optimise opportunities for all students to exceed expectations and reach their full potential, preparing them for their next stage of learning

  • Expect all members of our school community to respect each other and their environment, consistently upholding the highest standards of behaviour and self-discipline.

We value the partnership which exists between school, parents and community and the part it plays in realising this vision. We recognise that involving parents and carers in a child’s learning is one of the most significant contributors to raising attainment. We provide a safe, welcoming and compassionate environment where children, parents and staff are respected.

Our Values:




When children start East Farleigh they are allocated to one of our five in-school houses that have been named after famous castles in Kent (see below). As part of our commitment to our school values, children have the opportunity to earn themselves "House Points" (aka 'Dojos') by demonstrating one or more of our school values.






We Celebrate British Values

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