Wednesday 15th July

Wednesday 15th July

Morning everyone! Have a super day and I look forward to seeing your learning later!


Each day this week, before you begin your maths activity, can you complete fluency questions? How quickly and accurately can you complete them?

The booklet will be the same for the whole week, just complete one day at a time. These are designed to increase fluency and boost confidence in maths. The answers are included in the booklet. If you'd like additional packs of these, please email me and I can share some with you!

Fluent in Five - Year 1 - Week 1.pdf
Fluent in Five - Year 2 - Week 1.pdf

Real Life Maths

For your final week of the Virtual Classroom, our focus in maths will be real life application. You will be given activities which require you to use maths in an everyday life situation. Maths is all around us and it's so important to make connections between what we learn in school and real life contexts.

Today for your maths you are going to do some research and record it in a graph.

  • Choose something that you can collect data on that interests you. For example
      • Vehicles that drive past your house
      • Birds in your garden
      • Bugs in your garden
      • Toys in your bedroom
      • Food in your fridge (!)
      • Family birthdays
      • Anything else you can think of!
  • Think of your question or title: 'How many bugs can I find in the garden?' or ' Vehicles that pass my house.'
  • Create a tally chart to record your findings and then collect your data.
  • Can you put the data into a bar graph? You can use my template if you want to, or draw your own.
  • What does it show you?
Bar Graph.pdf


As we approach the end of the year, I would like you to think back to your time in school. I know this school year has been cut short, but so much happens in school - even in a short period of time.

Today, think of something you've enjoyed about this year, or even last year. What were some highlights? What did you enjoy learning about? Were there any funny things that happened?

Write a short paragraph about one of your memories of Year R, 1 or 2. If you're struggling for ideas, you can always write a memory from last year! Year 2 have been with Miss Fittall for 2 years so you have plenty to remember.

I've included some photos below to jog your memory! It was hard to only pick a few, but I've narrowed it down for now!

NSPCC Number Day, Year 1 flying their planes, Reception receiving their delivery of new blocks for the outdoor area, building dens, unveiling the new EYFS outdoor area, the KS1 Nativity, Year 2 'Great Fire of London', World Book Day (potatoes and story sharing), Outdoor Art, Year 1 making jam sandwiches in computing - following algorithms, Year 2 Astrodome experience and making memories with friends...


For your final science/ forest school afternoon, take a look at the various activities suggested by Wildlife Watch. Choose one of the activities that interests you and enjoy! There are a couple of examples below or many more if you follow the link.

Message for Parents - Prior Warning! :)

Friday afternoon on the Virtual Classroom will be all about having an end of year party! If you'd like to plan ahead - these are two websites of recipes I'll be suggesting for a party snack or party drink. You might like to decide on something today so you can have ingredients ready for Friday. :) Tomorrow afternoon there will be additional details and planning prep time!


Snuggle up and enjoy listening to these stories.