Phonics Ideas

For lots of amazing phonics ideas, follow the link to the Phonics Family website...

We've had great fun trying out some of their suggested activities and some of our parents have also been inspired to create their own games too!

Tricky Word Crush!

Phonics Paintbrush Game

Write some Phase 4 words onto some parchment paper, along with some made up words. Read the words and use a paint brush and water to rub out the fake words. You are then left with all of the real words at the end.

Thank you to Mrs Morgan for this!

Phonics Scratch Cards!

Use a penny to scratch the card and read the word hidden underneath.

Thank you Mrs Gurney for this.

Fishing for sounds and then matching them to the correct word - so much fun!

Thank you to Imogen's mum for this one!

Tricky Word Hunt in the Garden! Thank you to Mrs Mobbs for this one!

Trampoline phonics!

Bounce and collect a word and then read it :)

Phonics Pass the Parcel

Unwrap each layer to find a clue. Can you read the clue and use it to guess what could be inside?

Thank you Mrs Gray for this one!

Tricky Word Bowling

(Thank you Mrs Gurney!)

Flashcards in Action

Using flashcards for writing...

Phonics Wall Splat!

Thank you Mrs Saunders for this idea...

Using blocks to build words. Thank you to Luis' mum for this ...

Make your own Obb and Bob!

Can you read and sort the words?

Phonics Smash

Thank you Alec's mum for this idea. Read the word and then smash it! A huge hit I'm sure. And even the rain can't deter you from this activity!

Phonics Snakes

Cut up strips of paper and write letters on them. Build snakes with words - either tricky words or the words from phonics.

Tricky Word Building

Some super work building tricky words! Thank you to Mrs Mobbs for this one! :)

Can you find the missing sounds?

Thank you Luis' mum for this great idea...

Sticky Words!

Stick sounds to your window to make words. Thank you to James' mum for this :)

Thank you to the Morgan family for this lovely one!

Write some sentences about toys. Read the sentence and match it to the toy. Such a fun idea! :)

Splat the tricky words with your socks!

Thank you to Mrs Nuaman for this! :)

Labelling the car!

There are so many car related words which link to Phase 3 and Phase 4 phonics.

Thank you to the Shears family and the Hogg family for this idea!

Twinkl Phonopoly is free to download and links to Phase 4 phonics. Also great opportunities for maths - counting and keeping score.

Thank you to the Nuaman family for this idea...

Label your lego bricks and build the words! :)

Thank you to the Matthews family for this picture.

Read the word and rub it out! :)

Thank you to the Bowles family for the scrabble idea (below)!

Great way to work on spelling!

Thank you to the Gurney family for this one...

Reading River... Jump along the river and read each word. Don't get it wrong or you might get eaten by the hungry crocodiles!

(This is a class favourite in school!)

Amazing phonics in action... it's great to be as practical as possible when learning phonics. Choose a word and read it. If it's real - spray it to rub it out! Thank you Mrs Gurney for this amazing idea! :)

Thank you for this idea!

Stick sounds to your train track and make words! :) Lots of fun to play with and you can even drive the train along and say each sound before blending!